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Heart Rate based Half Training Plan week 6 (8)



Just completed week 6 (8 total) of my heart/time based half train plan, repeating weeks 1 and 2 to time the 18 week plan for the Bayshore half on Memorial Day weekend.
Weekly Total 36.8 miles, 6:05 run training time, 32 min strength training.
Monday: 60 minute AB (Aerobic Base) run at my aerobic heart rate of 118 bpm, +/-5 bpm, run on a treadmill.   6.3 miles (by Garmin, usually a little more by the treadmill), average heart rate of 118 bpm.  When I do these runs on the treadmill after I get warmed up I check my heart rate every couple of minutes and then determine if I need to adjust the treadmill speed up or down.  I have to admit these are my favorite training runs, probably since they are the most relaxing from a breathing and heart rate stand point.   I can tell my fitness is getting better as I am able to run at fast speeds at my target aerobic heart rate.
Tuesday:  45 min AB, followed by 30 min MSD (Motor Skill Development) with a 6 min down, run on a treadmill.   8 mi, 1:22 of training time.  The MSD training is were I run up almost my maximum speed and maintain for 10-15 seconds, at total of a little over 1 minute of running time and then slow to walk until my heart is below 110 bpm and repeat for time of the workout.  I do these on a treadmill by starting at 7.0 mph for 12s, then 15s@8.0 mph,  15s@8.5mph,  15s@9.0 mph, 5s@9.1, 9.2, 9.3, & 9.4, and finally 15s@9.5  and the ramping the treadmill down to 3.8 until my heart rate recovers to < 110 bpm.  Ending up being 13 intervals for 30 minutes.   I find these easier than the mile repeats that I normally do for speed, since the intervals are shorter and I able to recover more.
Wednesday:  Rest Day, but I did 32 minutes of strength train.  I am older and need it.
Thursday:  30 min AB, followed by 30 min of LT (Lactate Threshold), with 1 mile cool down, run on a treadmill.  7.24 mi, 1:10 of training time.  The lactate threshold run should be 10-15 bpm about your AB target heart rate.  Based on recent LT workouts on a treadmill I ran the LT part of the run at 7.5 mph.  I found this to be hardest workout of the year, and probably should have decreased speed of the treadmill as heart was rising during the LT portion of the run.
Friday:  45 min MSD run with 1 mile warm up and cool down, run on a treadmill.  5.4 mi, 1:05 of training time.  22 intervals for 45 minutes.
Saturday:  45 min AB followed by 29 min LT and 1 mile cool down run outside with my running group's 5 mi group runs at 8 and 9 am.   About 5 mi and 43 min for the AB portion, and 5 mi and 43 min for the LT portion.  Was able to run with a couple of the faster group runners for the LT run at 9 am.
AB run portion:
LT run portion:
Sunday:  Rest and writing bloop.
This half training plan has been going pretty well this far as I don't have any major aches or pains, but is a lot more challenging than what I have been running lately.  I am not sure if I will be able to keep this up, but will take one day at a time, and try to incorporate more sleep.
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The MSD intervals look fun but fast! I did 2 sets of 6 x 200s yesterday. It was fun! They took me roughly 50 seconds each. Long enough to make you work by the end, but short enough to not feel like I was dying.

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