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Four Days a Week



(to the tune of Eight Days a Week)

I've had this bloop idea, and the accompanying earworm, for weeks now, so now I foist it upon you.

When I started blogging I would run 3 times a week. At best. Only rarely would I get to four. I managed to run a few marathons on three days a week, but it was really only good enough to let me finish with a lot of walking. As the Loop motivated me to get serious, I got up to four days a week whenever I wanted to get serious. It has become the defining line between "fun-running" and actual training. If I was consistently doing 4 days a week I would improve. Sometimes I would even do 5, but not too often and only during peak marathon training.

In January I was feeling healthy after newly recovering from the latest ailment, and in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, I decided to try and run at least four days a week for the whole year. I went back through the spreadsheet (which goes back to 2005) to see how often I manage to run 4 day weeks. I found my best year (2016) I ran 4 or more times a week in only 32 of 52 weeks. My longest streak of 4 or more runs a week was 14 weeks. So 52 is a pretty lofty goal. It really relies on me staying healthy.

Well. so far so good. I just finished the 7th week in a row with 4 runs. I'm feeling healthy and getting back in shape after last year's downtime. My weekly mileages are ramping up. 25, 28, 30, 30, 25, 34, 34. I don't have a marathon until October, but I'm going to just get in the habit of running most days. I want to get up to 5 days a week for most weeks starting in March. Because four days a week, is not enough to show I care. Guess you know it's true.

So my 2020 has been peachy so far. I did have a weekend golf trip to Scottsdale which meant I had to run M, T, W at home and then get a run in while staying in AZ. But I managed. My golf game is improving too as I play more. Shot a 100 in AZ which was my best ever.

And I am really looking forward to going to Atlanta next week to meet up with some fabulous loopsters, watch the marathon trials and then run a hilly Half. My goal is really just to have fun. I'm hoping I can run sub-8 minute pace and break 1:45, but we'll see. I also signed up for the OC half in May in Orange County here. That one is fast and I'm hoping to be around 1:40 by then.

In other news, the wife and I took in a brother and sister, 19 and 17, who needed a place to stay temporarily to keep from being homeless. So they are living with us for a while and it has worked out well so far. I'm also volunteering more as I now help two senior citizens weekly with groceries and stuff. So I'm piling up karma points. Seems to be working. Still plenty of time to read books, watch Netflix and enjoy retirement. Life is good.


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I did my first two marathons on 3 days a week. I suppose if I had done more XT I could have made that work, ala FIRST, but that would require XT and you know what I think about that.

My habit is 6 days a week now, and it always feels weird if I have to miss a day, even if my brain tells me that's not a bad thing.

Enjoy Atlanta.

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4 runs a week is best for me - plus 3 spin classes and 2 strength sessions. Don't always get the strength stuff in though, even though I have more time now that I'm retired.  

I'm doing a lot of volunteer stuff, but NOTHING that compares with giving a home to two teenagers. That is really amazing. 

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You and Mrs Bangle are the best! Glad it’s working out.

5 days a week seems to be working for me now. It’s when I add in the 6th day that I get in trouble. Good luck with the next 46ish weeks.

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My sweet spot seems to be alternating between running 3 & 4 days a week plus an endurance spin class, lunges, and one full day of rest. I'm trying to be more purposeful about core work - it's scheduled in my work calendar now to take 5 minutes and just do it, so hopefully that helps with the 5Ks.

Glad you are finding yours! 

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I have been running for the last year 4 days a week with 2 days of strength training.  My new half train plan has me running 5-6 days a week.  After 6 weeks. so far so good.

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