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Earlier this week, the kids said they wanted to run with me today. I planned to take my 3-4 miles to the track.  When my BF’s oldest son expressed interest, his little brother jumped on board as well.  

This morning the girls backed out.  They wanted to play with the toys ex brought over yesterday. 3 weeks since Bobby’s birthday party, two missed weekends and he drops by in the middle of my piano lesson to bring them presents but can’t afford a place to live or his other obligations >:(  He left at the end of the lesson and I asked him to not drop by before 5:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays because I’m teaching and its distracting to the students.

So the girls bailed while I headed to the track with this guy:




His Dad went for some coffee before bringing Bob and Beau.  


Flash ran two laps before sitting down with tired legs.  When his brother and Dad showed up, he ran another two laps while BaBob ran three+ with the zigs and zags forward and backward. He raced the speedy pink lady.  Waited for me and tried to play tag.  Both boys did a great job staying out of the inner lanes.  


There was an old man walking the track who got a kick out of the boys. As BaBob stopped to chat with him, I heard the old man speak tagalog to BaBob who doesn’t talk yet. I shook my head and chuckled.  Everyone thinks he's asian.  

BF took them home when I was just finishing up three miles.

Flash: 1 mile
Bob: ¾ mile

One lap into my fourth mile with Pink Lady continuing lapping me, then running the track in the opposite direction and switching again, my phone rang. 

The kids.  

Bean had cut herself when taking out the trash because there had been broken glass in there :-/  Shoot. Ok. I’m coming home. Then I remembered BF had just left.  Was he going to his place or mine? I called. He needed to return my dog. Can you check on Bean please? Thankyou.  

At almost 3.5 miles the phone rang again. She’s ok, but I should pick up some of those bandaids that pull the skin together ‘cause it’s a little deep.

Oh boy.  :/

Accept I don’t run with cash. Quick stop at home the find the cut is barely ¼” long on her thigh and really not anything to worry over. I went for the bandaids anyway.

I had started coughing.  What the heck?  Partway to the store the sneezing started and my eye felt like it was doing that thing it does when every few years I have this random allergic reaction to who-knows-what. Awesome. No tissues in the car.  Even better. I used my ear cover and when I got to the parking lot found the cloth napkin I knew was floating around in the back seat. 

Bandaids, tissues, go home to take some Benedryl. No Benedryl.  Agh! Should have picked some up while I was there. Ask BF to run to the store for Benedryl as my left eyelid continued to swell.  

This happens from time to time.  I thought I had narrowed it down to MSG which I rarely ever have… but now I can say with confidence that I haven’t had anything with MSG.  Before the reaction:  I ate a wasa cracker with goat cheese and a cup of coffee with a little soy milk.  Then I ran for 45 minutes, came home and everything started ???  Maybe the Pledge I sprayed on the table so BaBob could dust? That also doesn’t make sense. No clue.

Lessons learned today:

1)  When I start increasing my Saturday distance, have an adult on call to help with unexpected situations should the kids need assistance while    I’m an hour away on foot.  -Or- do several 2-3 mile loops for long runs so that I’m never more than 5 minutes from home.  

2) 3.5 miles on a track is redundant, but the lack of hills feels good.  Had it not been for the kids, I would have finished 4 miles.  

3) My medicine cabinet needs refills.  

I still don’t know what I’m allergic to but it’ll be ok ‘cause I won’t have another one for at least another year.  

I haven’t looked, but it feels like my left eye is almost back to normal.  The benedryl says it’s naptime.  Happy running all.   

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That's great getting the kids on the track.

I do that with medicines sometimes. Then end up with years-old benedryl in the cabinet

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The track is great for kids because you can watch them from any point on the loop. Sorry about all the medical mayhem.

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Yay for having kids who want to run with you!  When the kids want to run or run with me, it feels like I've accomplished something. 

Good idea on keeping the medicine cabinet stocked up: seems like I'm always reaching for the bandaids. O.o

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Mmh, that allergic reaction is really strange but I guess if you only get it every once in a blue moon it's kind of difficult to identify a pattern.

I don't even have a medicine cabinet so I very frequently don't have exactly what's needed in all kinds of situations

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