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      I’m tired. This past week was a cut back week for running but there’s no cut backs on master’s degree work for another 9 or 10 weeks* (well I think I get a “spring break” but since it is an on-line class the professors don’t always honor that – last year one did and one didn’t) This isn’t really harder than I expected, but it is just as hard as I expected. Training is going pretty well for Asheville, especially considering how little spare time I have. One 18 miler is done, and I have one more of those and a 20. And a couple cut back weeks. Then the taper. It’s getting really close. I don’t plan on shooting for a PR at Asheville. The course profile I found on MapMyRun looks just as hilly as I expected. It should be a very scenic race. All on the Biltmore Estate. House tour not included. At $79 I won’t be doing that. I’ll hopefully get a chance to get some good food while I’m there though…Fitting in my class work will be the hardest part, but with a day off of work before and after I think I can manage. I’ll still have to do some work over the weekend. There’s just no way around that. 
    Asheville is March 22nd. Don’t count on any updates between now and then. I’m doing better that the last few semesters to check in at all during the time between breaks…If all goes according to plan I’ll be done with my degree at the end of August, though I’ll still have at least one certification test to take. And a job search to start…after 12 years at my current job the idea is terrifying, but the need to do something else, new degree or not is also real. 
    I’ve been so busy I haven’t even taken any cool pictures…I’ll have to work on that. (The feature photo was included in my last post in late Dec.)

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I'm impressed that you can train, work and go to school. No wonder you're tired. I hope it all goes well.

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Great example for grit and determination.  I hope your marathon training helps relieve some of the stress your experiencing.   I know that even though my training can be hard it just gives me great a sense of satisfaction in having completed workouts and it also diverts my mind from worrying about all  the other stuff going on in my mind.

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