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Here Came the Sun



For one day, at least. That's apparently all winter had to offer.

It was on Monday, I think. And it was 50o. I ran in shorts. I'm in the grind it out, put in the miles phase of training so I won't say it was glorious and left me feeling amazing. But it was certainly a high point of 2020 so far.

Then it was cold and overcast again, and yesterday we got a couple of inches of snow. The heavier stuff went to the north and we ended up with not much.

Dreadmilled for an hour yesterday to another episode of Castle. Wanted to stop at almost every step. I've been trying to embrace the whole idea, psyching myself up all day that it's better than slip-sliding away in a snowstorm, not to mention safer, but... TV helped a little. Today's run (in or out) is up in the air. Don't know if I can do two of those in a row.

Should be at 40 miles this week, which is where I'd hoped to be after getting Sammy fixed. Behind for an early April race, but good enough to finish. And almost on schedule if we decide to wait until mid-May.

That's running.

Not much happening around the house. Put in some stair treads going down to the basement. They've been bare since I tore out the old icky carpet that was there when we moved in 22 years ago. Mrs. Dave decided on the color for the new curtains on the family room to go with the new furniture. Need to raise the bar since they are a couple of inches longer than the old ones. Decided to go ahead with the remodel of the powder room. Small job. Mostly just picking tile and a new vanity. And a door.

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11 minutes ago, ocrunnergirl said:

If it sways you I'm running Sugarloaf in Maine in May.

If I switch to May, Sugarloaf is #1 on the list. Pacing with ocrg would be a sweet bonus. Stay tuned, my friend.

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I see stuff like global warming and nuclear stockpiles and billie eilish sweeping the grammys and i wonder if it's a sign that the world is ending, but I tend to talk myself out of it. But then I see Dave the Treadmill Junkie, and I realize the end must truly be near. Please explain to Mo this is why I ate all the ice cream before she got home.

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It was warmer in KC than it was in Miami on Super Bowl Sunday. I ran in a shirt and capris, and easily could have worn a tank top. The next day the high was 35. Yay.

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