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Half Training, Retirement, Books, and Picard

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It has been a few weeks since I started a new Half Marathon training plan by Richard Diaz that is time and heart rate based.   The first thing I had to do was determine my aerobic heart, determined by subtracting my age (62)  from 180 to arrive at 118 bpm as my aerobic heart rate.  The goal is to do my aerobic runs at my aerobic heart +/- 5 bpm.   My weekly training workouts have thus far consisted of three 60 minute runs at my aerobic heart rate, two 30 min strength workouts, and two  Motor Skills Development runs; which consist of a mile warm-up run, followed by running up to your near maximum speed and then slowing down to walk and to continue walking until your heartbeat is less than 110 bpm (it ends up being about 200 yards sprint for me), then repeat for 30 minutes, followed then with a mile cool down run.  The training seems to be going fairly well, except for some soreness in my left hip.  I have substituted a 60 min elliptical workout for one of the 60 min aerobic runs when my hip was feeling sore.
I am looking at (hoping) to retire as an automotive engineering at the end of this year and am thinking about how to incorporate something more meaningful into my life.   I am reading David Brooks book: "The Second Mountain, The Quest for a Moral Life".  The first mountain being the quest toward your own success, and the second mountain being the quest to the success of others, leading to a more fulfilling life.  This book comes from a more intellectual perspective.  He makes some good points like our society becoming hyper focused on the individual and individual success.
I also just watched the first episode of Picard (1st episode is free on CBS all access) about Jean Luc's life after retiring/leaving Star Fleet.  I enjoyed it, and one line from Jean Luc stood out for me where he says "I need to stop living waiting to die, and to start taking action" (or something to that affect).   Patrick Steward is a standout actor and very apparent in this new series.   I have also just check out from the library Amby Burfoot's new book: "Run Forever" and am looking forward to reading it, as I hope to run forever. 
Good running!
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Interesting training strategy. I'll be interested to see how it goes for you.

Star Trek TNG is our favorite iteration of the franchise, mostly because of Stewart's work.

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Since I retired a year ago, I focus on 3 things;

- Staying healthy. I've always worked out 6 days a week, but now I have extra time for strength, stretching, core, etc. It's great!

- Serving others. Again, I've always volunteered, but now I can do so much more. So many worthy organizations, such important work.

- Learning new stuff. Like most people, I've spent my life learning more about what I already knew - and avoiding things I didn't really care about. Now I try harder to learn things that are outside my expertise.

It's good that you're thinking about this now, so you have a bit of a plan. Good luck finding your groove. 

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Thanks for your advice, and personal experience, I agree with you and your perspective is appreciated.  It's always good to hear from someone who has been there before you.

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I'd find it near impossible to keep my heart rate at or below 118 while running. That's some definite self control you have if you are able to do that!

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there's an old scottish folk tune that goes

So give your ID card to the border guard
Your alias says you Captain John Luke Picard
Of the United Federation of Planets
'Cause they won't speak English any ways

which gets stuck in my head whenever I see the word Picard. Now it's lodged there and I can't make room for my nightly images of SpongeBob and Patrick cavorting. Thanks a bunch.

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