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This is not a race report.



I'd have to race first.

Unless anyone's interested in that one I did in 2004.

Did my longest run in over a month, since the hamstring thing. That was Friday, out to the Chili's on Eight Mile and back. Nothing to be especially proud of, but just running is good. Since it was my 61st birthday, I ran ... wait for it! ... 6.1 miles. You heard about the guy who ran 70 miles for his 70th birthday? Yeah, I'm not doing that. Call me lazy if you want.

Missed Saturday, also because I'm lazy. Mrs. Dave and I met some friends for lunch at a dinner theater (they have a matinee on Saturdays). It had snowed 6 inches the night before, then started raining about noon. I thought several times throughout the day about treadmilling it, but just couldn't get there. I did shovel snow twice, so there's that.

Even so, it was 22 miles for the week, running 5 days in a row with no complaints from Sammy. Planning 30-ish this week.

Since the rain on Saturday, it's been in the teens and 20s. Everything is ice. Good news it that when there's a good storm in winter, most folks get out and clear the walks. Especially if it's a weekend. So I have been outside both days this weeks so far. There are hazards of course, and the overall pace is awfully slow, what with nearly walking over the stretches that didn't get proper attention, mostly businesses. I could feel some soreness in different spots the day after, a sign that I'd worked different muscles climbing over and around the icy patches. Took a better route yesterday that had less ice and more running. Today it's supposed to get above freezing for an hour or so.

What else?

Got two puzzles for Christmas. Did the easy one last week in two evenings. It was a 500 piece round one of a Thomas Kinkaid work. Some old church building in the woods with a stream and a bridge. Now I'm working on a much harder, 1000 piece that Big Mac brought back from Amsterdam. MC Escher's "Balcony." This one is taking a might longer.

Image result for Maurits Cornelis Escher balcony

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That puzzle is cool but looks hard. Iโ€™m not certain, but I think treadmills allow one to avoid treacherous icy sidewalks. Maybe Iโ€™ve got that wrong, who knows. ๐Ÿ˜

Oh, and happy birthday! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰

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