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5k Australia Relief Run

doug in co


In late 2019, the dog and I were out for a run, quietly. My plan (if you want to make God laugh, just tell Her about your plans) was a run focus over the winter, running 3-4 times a week with no goals other than getting the runs in, and no timing. Of course.. came back from that run with a sore hip flexor, the next day could not walk. Not sure if it was torn or just badly strained, anyway that was a good month off. 
I toughed it out for the last  Roost Run Club run of the decade, touring the Christmas lights in the rich folks' neighborhood, very pretty, then gave up and did a lot of swimming, gym work, and hip flexor rehab. Pfui. All that upper-body work no doubt helped make me heavier and slower. 

After a month tried it again on the treadmill, 30min of 10min miles, and it mostly held up. Another Rooster was setting up an Australia Relief Run in City Park Denver. The idea here is to donate $50 to Australia Red Cross relief in those hideous fire zones, then go run some distance or another 😉 I picked 5k and hoped to survive. 

At the start it was 22 degrees F. I'd planned to take off the heavy fleece jacket for running but did not. Ha. I usually run really hot so if I wear gloves my hands get sweaty. That wouldn't have been a problem today. I tried running with hands in pockets, a bit clumsy. Tried pulling the sleeves down and the fingers up, that mostly worked until the hands finally warmed up, about mile 2.7.  Since we didn't have any permits for this, the start was staggered into several groups. There are enough runners around City Park even in this weather, than no-one could tell there was anything organized going on.. 

I started in the first group, which let me run away for some reason. Soon Anne from Nuun in the second group caught me, then ran away. 
28:40 for a new personal record of sorts, probably could have run close to 26 in less frigid weather, says he hopefully. Here's a pic of the lot of us who finished around the half hour. 


Me at the back in the middle, organizer Troy bearded in front - thanks Troy.. Australian cattle dog focused on a group of geese, off-picture.. 

I got some electrolytes from Anne's setup, to replace the single drop of sweat I managed to shed.. 


I had promised to write up my Australian runs but that whole adventure went bad. The idea was my younger son would spend a couple of months with my brother and family, find a job and work for a bit, in his gap year. Unfortunately my brother has become quite conservative over the years, while my boy is nearly a communist, as well as being a high-functioning autistic. Between all of this they ended up arguing for 3 weeks after I'd left, all of it blowing up on Christmas day (of course), so I spent the next day 4am to 11pm negotiating. Son was beginning to shut down as he does when over stressed. So we flew him home a few days later.. and I really haven't had the stomach to think about the whole thing, at all. 


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Great to participate in that benefit run. Sorry to hear about the family challenges. My son has pushed back against a conservative uncle too (my brother). Made me a little squeamish (as I do everything I can to avoid conflict). But I was actually pretty proud of him for speaking up. 

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Running hurt is tough. Why can't we all just get along?

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Australian cattle dog (even if he didn’t look at the camera) is a nice touch for a run for Australia. 😉 It’s tough when family situations bubble over. Sorry to hear that happened to you. Good luck with the recovery. 

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