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Freedom To Fail

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I'm almost afraid to put this into writing...

I'm running....

a lot (for me)... like 45 mpw....

this hasn't happened since March, 2017.

I'm afraid if I start dreaming and hoping it will go away as suddenly as it seemed to come back.

I wrote a training plan.

I've been able to follow my training plan and even add on extra miles.

Unheard of.

I've had a mental mind shift too. I used to be afraid of big work outs. 

Long runs used to be my mental kryptonite. Now I look at them as an opportunity to become a stronger runner. Every mile makes me a better distance runner.

Intervals were always my favorite. I still love them but Phew! They are hard! LOL

Last week I had a 35 minute tempo run on tap. Instead of becoming paralyzed with the "What happens if I fail" fear I asked myself "will I still love myself even if I fail?" The answer: "Hell, yeah!" Who cares if I don't hit a certain pace! I'm running again!

I set out from the park and did a 1 mile warm up and then picked up the pace. (I should have run it more as a progression run but I've got no discipline.) The first mile I felt really good. I was working but it felt manageable. 8:23

The 2nd mile I was working a bit harder. All of my biking and running in Florida the past few days was becoming apparent. I took 2 short stops to gather myself. The 2nd mile chimed in at 8:13.

In the 3rd mile I made a U turn to head back to my car. Somehow knowing I have less than half of the workout to go puts a little pep in my step. 8:13

By mile 4 I was really feeling the burn so I backed off a tiny bit. 8:19 I ran another minute 41 seconds at an 8:11 pace.

The cool down was a struggle for real! LOL I wanted 6.5 miles total so I slogged through 1.3 more miles at very uncomfortable 9:19/9:23 pace.

So happy to have finished that run! And I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear.

Yesterday I ran 6.4 miles on trails and another 9.6 miles on the treadmill.

This morning I ran with a lady my age from my new running group. We banged out 8 miles at a 9:19 pace.

45.5 miles this week.

I'm dreaming of goals....

Please don't let this disappear.

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On 1/20/2020 at 8:34 AM, CompulsiveRunner said:

Happy for you, OCRG. You put in so much work to get where you are today! 


4 hours ago, Keep Running Girl said:

This makes me so happy to read!!!  Go get it!!!!

Thanks for sticking by me! I need to keep up the strength work.

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Wow, nice going!  I've found that tempo runs are a great cure for lagging mojo and general blues, and you seem to be supplying more proof.  Good luck with all your runs!

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You are crushing it OCRG! Must be all the cross training! 9 miles on a treadmill?  Ouch.  I'm sure that took mental fortitude.

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18 hours ago, Slow_Running said:

You are crushing it OCRG! Must be all the cross training! 9 miles on a treadmill?  Ouch.  I'm sure that took mental fortitude.

TM wasn’t bad. I’ve been staying away from it because it hurt to run on but now it feels okay. Weird. 

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