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A Decidedly Inauspicious Beginning



My philosophy towards marital bliss is simple. I'm a simple guy, so I figure there's no need to make being married anymore complicated than anything else. The first rule is: make sure Mrs. Dave is happy. Of course I'm not 100% on that, but there are enough hits vs. misses that she's kept me around for going on 39 years now.

Things get more difficult when Rule #1 contradicts some other aspect of life. Like training for a marathon. The older I get, the more I feel like I need a full recovery from a race, then a reasonable down period of easy running before building mileage up again and then starting a training schedule. 18 weeks.

Been thinking about my spring race - when and where. Ideally from last week this would be in the middle of May. I'd rather not go into May. But, since it's spring and not a serious race, I can shorten my 18 weeks to 15-16 and still be confident I can get to the starting line ready for 26.2.

The other day Mrs. Dave says out of the blue, "We need to find the right weekend for your next marathon." At first I'm very excited because normally I get the eye roll (you know the one) when I talk about running marathons. Not marathoning in general - she likes that, and likes bragging to her friends that I run marathons - but specific plans for specific marathons. They cost money and upset her schedule and take my vacation time.

Then she tells me that there are two weekends that, "would be good." One of them is the middle of May - that's OK (see paragraph above). The other - her preferred date - is the first weekend of April.

April. 13 weeks away. An abbreviated abbreviated training window.


Except last Friday, a mile into another of my easy 4 milers in weather so nice I was wearing shorts (in January!), when Sammy the Hammy decided he wasn't in the mood. This problem goes back to Thanksgiving football. Thought I'd gotten over that but apparently not. I slowed way down (not that I was going fast), and jogged another mile before giving in completely and walking back to the house. So much for the early build up. Took Saturday off and gave him a test run on Monday. 50 yards down the street and ... nope. Walked a couple of miles instead. Walked a couple more last night. Guess that'll have to do for another week.

And the countdown to April keeps going. Rats.

But, Mrs. Dave is happy.

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11 hours ago, SIbbetson said:

Which marathon??

Salisbury, MD. All flat except for two freeway overpasses. 

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Maybe shift to May? To give Sammy some time to work his issues out. Good luck. 

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On 1/9/2020 at 8:13 PM, Apple Pie said:

Maybe shift to May? To give Sammy some time to work his issues out. Good luck. 

That option's still on the table. But since this is a spring marathon, I'm less concerned about it.

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