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2019 Running Recap




Somehow, another year passed!  I learned a great deal on this journey around the sun.

I ran 3853.6 miles this year (3854 per Strava), which was a significant yearly mileage PR, surpassing the 3047 I ran in 2018 and the 3043 I ran in 2017.  I didn't check my yearly mileage until December 31, because I am already too obsessed with all numbers running related, but I knew I was in for a yearly mileage best since I've been running my highest mileage ever and haven't taken any time off.  Before 2017, I never ran anything remotely close to 3000.


My top 9 2019 photos on my running Instagram account

I ran my first 400 mile month (December) and my first and second 100 mile weeks in the fall, although each was on the rolling 7 and not a Monday through Sunday week.  I ran my first ever 90 mile week in February.  Through this I learned that I really LOVE mileage!

I ran PRs in the full marathon at Indy Monumental, in the half marathon twice (at the Indy Women's Half then at the White River Half), and in the 5K at the Panther Run.

I ran 3 full marathons:  the Chisholm Trail Marathon on March 24, Grandma's Marathon on June 22, and the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 9.  Although Chisholm Trail was my slowest marathon in a few years, I was very happy with it off of the limited post-injury training I had, and that I was able to run it at all.  Grandma's was my second fastest marathon at that time (now my third fastest), which I was also very happy with off of a fairly short training cycle.  Indy is my current PR, which I was of course happy about but I also sure wished I could have found 68 more seconds there.

I set 3 Missouri state records age 38 half marathon, age 38 10 mile, and overall female 2 mile.  I'm not particularly proud of the times I ran in any of these races, but lucky for me no woman my age in this state have run faster on a certified road course.

I won overall female in 5 races:  Bill Snyder Highway Half Marathon, Sweatfest 2 mile, Sweatfest 10 mile, Panther Run 5K, and White River Half Marathon (I was overall person in this one).  I podiumed/finished in the prize money in the Chisholm Trail Marathon (3rd female), at the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon (4th female), at the Brookhaven 5K (6th female), and at the Indy Women's Half Marathon (3rd female).  I ran 11 races total.  How you finish in races is heavily influenced by which races you choose, and I recently have gravitated towards races that I likely will not win, because I run faster within competitive fields.  I primarily think of the women I'm running against as people who can help me meet my personal goals, and not as my competition (e.g., I don't care too much what place I get, but want to hit my time goals).  Especially in my 2:46-2:47 marathons, I wanted every woman around to run 2:44:XX!

In the non-numbers realm, I am proud that I came back from an injury (more here) and developed a lot as a person, including growing a greater appreciation of the process in running.  I continue to find such thankfulness that I get to do this, and that God has given me this passion that brings so much joy to my life in many different ways. 

My biggest success of the year is probably zero injuries, and also zero injury scares!  I didn't need a single ART session or any treatments this year despite running the most I ever have.  I actually feel much better currently running 80-100 mile weeks than I used to running 50-70 mile weeks just a couple of years ago!

I continued coaching a few running friends free of charge.  While I don't have any formal coaching training, I've learned a great deal through my own experience and reading, and I don't want others to repeat my mistakes.  I also love helping others - and of course I love being in the middle of all things running.  Two of my proteges ran marathon PRs, and another ran two super solid marathons only 6 weeks apart, including one overall female win.  I had so much fun seeing their achievements across training cycles.  Running gives me so much that I am happy I can give a little back!

I have a lot of running dreams and goals for 2020, but if I can accomplish the goal of continuing to run healthy that will be the best achievement I can dream of.  Races are amazing experiences, but being able to go outside and run freely every day, sometimes twice, is unmatched.

My 2018 highlights are here, and my 2017 highlights are here (this one also lists my mileage totals from 2010-2016).

May God bless your 2020!


Garmin stats

2019 Race Recaps:

3/24/19 - Chisholm Trail Marathon

4/13/19 - Rock the Parkway Half Marathon

5/25/19 - Bill Snyder Highway Half Marathon

6/22/19 - Grandma's Marathon

7/13/19 - Sweatfest 2 mile and 10 mile

8/31/19 - Brookhaven 5K

9/8/19 - Plaza 10K

9/28/19 - Indy Women's Half Marathon

10/5/19 - Panther Run 5K

11/9/19 - Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

11/23/19 - White River Half Marathon

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On 1/3/2020 at 9:49 AM, CompulsiveRunner said:

All those miles and 0 injuries - that is really incredible! 

I have learned A LOT about how to stay healthy in the past 5 years!

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I commented on your other blog, but you have been such an inspiration for me this year - can't wait to see where 2020 takes you!

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