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I disappeared again...



           Another trimester of grad school done. 4 of 6 complete. It’s going well. I’ve been running just as much but with all the writing and reading I do for classes (besides the fact that I am also working full time!), I haven’t been to the loop much at all. I always thought I’d find a way to keep up, but I haven’t. This last semester wasn’t quite as interesting, I had Research Methods (which was basically prep for thesis work – and I still don’t feel ready to start that), and Nutritional Epidemiology, which wasn’t as interesting as I hoped it would be but they kept me very busy. Coming up I have “Gut microbiome, nutrition and behavior” and “Nutrition in pain and inflammation”. After that is just one more class and my thesis. (!) Officially I’ve decided my concentration will be more general nutrition instead of sports nutrition like I was initially thinking, but the difference is really only one class and I figure I can get more specific in continuing education classes that I’ll need to take over time anyway. My thesis will still be running related. The main work is still a few months away, but I am going to be doing a survey of runners and nonrunners to compare attitude about diet.

            Running has been ok. I’ve been mainly injury free – I did tweak my ankle running on a trail, and my knee sometimes complains because it just does sometimes since the Ellie dog incident. I am trying to regain some speed. I’m not sure if it is working. I ran another half at the beginning of October with a goal of finishing under 2:10. I didn’t quite make that but I was close at 2:11:xx. I ran a 5k and was about a minute slower than my PR, on an extremely humid and warm morning. It was good for 2nd in my AG in a relatively small race. I’m doing speed work and hills again in preparation for running the Asheville marathon in March. Fitting in homework while I travel for that might be a challenge, but with a couple extra days off work just for homework I believe I can make it work. I will have to make sure and check the syllabus so I can work ahead on any major projects due around that weekend.

            I got a couple running related gifts for Christmas – a new pair of running tights and a gift card for the LRS. I’m excited about the gift card, because I need new (road) shoes, but with the gift card I can also buy a pair of trail shoes, which might help me fall down less when I try to run on trails. They might also help with running in the winter weather. We’ve had some snow already – I spent most a week earlier this month running on the treadmill because the sidewalks were icy with that lumpy foot cratered snow that is really hard to run on – both really slick in spots and ankle busting in others.

            I’m still running with Team in Training too – the more I run with them, the more stories I hear, and the more I want to keep going. As in a phrase one of our local teammates coined (but probably others have said it too) – “Until there are no more sad stories.” Most blood cancers aren’t considered rare cancers, but Gabe’s life struck me this year something fierce. I connected with it in a way that surprised me. So, I will continue. Link is here, but that’s not the main purpose of this post (though you’ll make my day if you donate.)

Photo dump from the past few months –


Plogging (Late September). There is sadly way more trash than I can pick up on a run. 


5k medal and AG award. (Late September - I think)


 Half marathon medal and shirt, plus medal and shirt from completing the spring/fall half challenge


A fall run in Forest Park


That tree just glows...


Selfie at the Grand Basin in Forest Park with Art Hill (which I ran up) and the St. Louis Art Museum in the background.


Sunrise along the trail in Forest Park.

IMG_1884.jpg.13eae69548f7e473ea9b9556a35ab1f6.jpg   IMG_1885.jpg.64ccbdd01fa39bc1da8478b991332b19.jpg

Hike with Ellie (trail was definitely too slick for me to run on)


Sunrise when I got up to run on Christmas day - no filter, no photoshop, if anything the color was even more vivid in real life


During my run Christmas day. (Out near my parents' farm)


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Those pancake medals are fantastic!  Good luck with school.  The gut microbiome class should be interesting!

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That sunrise is amazing!!!  I'm interested to hear more about your thesis, and I also remember how much work grad school was...

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I'm impressed you run as many races/marathons as you do with all that is on your plate.  👍

I like the Halloween medal. Very cute!

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