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My Left Foot



still hurts.

But I think it's getting better. My strategy of "To hell with it, I'm running through it" seems to be working. Since six weeks off didn't help at all, I have been running every other day since Dec 1 and I'm seeing the fitness start to come back. The foot pain, (below the ankle, above the arch) is pretty minor at the beginning. It gets a little worse after about 3 miles, but it's bearable. On a 1-10 pain scale, it was about a five two weeks ago, and now it's a 4, maybe a 3 during some of the run. I think it slows me a bit too, as it hurts more if I try to push a little, so I back off, shorten the stride a bit. I am probably adjusting for it, but I don't see any other pains popping up yet. But I'm feeling more confident.

I did four mile runs for a week, then some 5 milers, then a 6 and a 6.4 before backing off to 5 today. Planning 7 on Saturday. But then I will be travelling to winter climes (Kentucky and North Carolina) for ten days, so I'll probably be cutting back. I'll do what I can. With luck I will be in less pain come January and can continue increasing the miles. 

Otherwise, life is good. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy 2020!

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Hm. Mine strategy is usually, "I can take another week off."

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