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Another (dare I?) Great Western Adventure!



Headed out to Idaho again. Although I hope it won't be much of an adventure. Driving across Wyoming and Nebraska in December can be so nasty. Good news is that so far the forecast is for clear skies.

After three years, T-Rex will be changing apartment complexes, so we have to move all her stuff into an alternate storage site until April. Fortunately, I have two brothers who live in the neighborhood. Free truck and free storage.

We spent most of last week getting her ready for finals. Reviewing. Quizing. Validating. Encouraging. Talking her down from the edge of the cliff. "I'm going to fail! I don't know anything!" She made it through the lab final on Friday, but today is the big one - microbiology. Frankly I know more about disease transmission and reservoirs than I ever did before, but she really knows it. The only real question will be if her anxiety will let her remember any of it at test time.

Mrs. Dave (and I) decided that our Christmas presents this year are new phones. We did get a new TV, but that hardly counts. It's not big enough to cost very much, although it's a decent upgrade to our current screen. I wasn't even planning to wait until Christmas to get it out, but haven't had time. It's still in the box on the hearth, waiting. I finally put a bow on top of it and we'll call it a Christmas present.

Oh yeah, phones. We got iPhone 11s. Since our previous models were the 5 (mine) and 6S (hers), it seemed like it was about time. Although, if both of them hadn't been acting up for the last few months (randomly dying, freezing, softkeys and assorted apps not working), we probably would have kept them until the network upgrades rendered them useless. I liked the smaller size. Not to mention the $1,500 we just spent, which I would much rather use for, say, flying to Idaho to bring my daughter back for Christmas. Oh yeah, doing that anyway. Having worked with the new machine for a few days now, I do like it. Suppose I'll get used to the bigger size eventually. It was nice watching Drew Brees break the career TD pass record last night on it.

Since I was able to get back on the marathon wagon in 2019, I added two more medals to the map display and two more pictures to the Marathon Shrine. Things were getting pretty crowded on those shelves, so I've been thinking of adding a new one. That would involve finding one the right size, then drilling a new series of holes. Went to Home Depot to check out what's available. Only $6 for a shelf that I could trim to fit. Plus the screws to match what's there. Call it $10 total, plus a few hours to do the work. I wondered if IKEA had replacement shelves for it. Then I'd eliminate the need to trim the new shelf. Nope. But I could buy a whole new matching bookcase for $20. Slam dunk.


Running for the last week. Despite the holiday schedule, I have time to run mostly whenever I want. Glad not to be training for anything right now, though. Still dealing with Sammy the Hammy. He's mostly OK, but I'm discovering that he has limits. The stomach issues I was having seem to have passed (if you know what I mean), and my energy is back to normal.

Couple of easy 4 milers around the middle school loop. On Saturday I did 7 miles and 6-1/2 of them were great. During mile 6 Sammy decided he didn't like the 8:15 pace we'd moved into for the last mile or two, so we finished at 9:00. Still, a nice, medium length run. The weather's been pretty nice, too. 30-40, some days windier than others, but not terrible. There's even been a little bit of sun some days. Good for winter. We'll see what happens in January and February.

Not planning to run on the trip. Big Mac and SIL are coming for Christmas. They arrive on Friday afternoon. T-Rex and I are hoping to make it back not long after that. Means we need to get her moved out and ready for the drive back early Thursday AM, then two long days on the road. At least it'll be a downwind and (mostly) downhill drive.

If I don't get the chance before the 25th, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas with friends and family. Cherish these precious moments with the ones you love, whether you share the holiday with Christians or just enjoy the festive spirits and goodwill of the rest of the world at this time. Reflect on the wonderful life you have and the people in it.

And running, of course.

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40 minutes ago, eliz83 said:

Just out of curiosity, why don't you use the bottom shelf? 

fingers crossed for T-rex

Don't need it yet.

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I hope T-Rex's finals went well.. our younger son has anxiety issues, I don't like having him on meds but they seem to work.. poor boy. 

Older son got an iPhone 11 and that was Christmas right there.. he's OK with it, his old 6 was really on its last legs.. 

a very merry Christmas to you and family too ! 

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