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Guess I needed a week off anyway.




Not that I was ramping up for anything.

That hamstring was a little worse than I thought. Went out for a test run on Monday (last) and got less than a half mile before I realized it wasn't ready. Gave it another try on Friday. Not 100% but good enough for an easy 4.

Those 4 felt pretty terrible though. Either because I was going slow and running slow is hard, or it's related to this bug or whatever thing that showed up after Thanksgiving. Pain in the upper abdomen and some other issues I won't talk about in public because TMI.

Getting Christmas prep finished has eaten into running time anyway, so it's just as well I'm not doing much of it. May have missed the best weather I'll see until spring.

So, Christmas. Tree is up. Lights on the house. Decorations are out. Gifts are bought. I was going to make some personalized plates for some of the kids but decided not to add that workload. Finished the mint chocolate dipped Oreos on Sunday. Still need to wrap and ship the ones that didn't come from Amazon for the out-of-towners. That will be tonight. 

Some of that has taken longer than expected because we're helping T-Rex get through the last two weeks of the semester. She called in a panic last week, afraid that she couldn't remember anything from class and she was going to fail microbiology. Keep in mind, this isn't the normal kind of nervous anticipation college students get before finals. So we halted some of the things we had planned for Saturday and spent four hours going through the study guide, after an hour just talking her down from the edge of the cliff. One test was yesterday (thought she did OK - still waiting to see), the scariest one is tomorrow (another two hours with her on Skype Sunday), and the last one next Tuesday. Fingers crossed, prayers ongoing.

Connor got moved into his apartment in Tacoma yesterday. Had the ex-SIL's, his sister and a couple of new work friends to help, so they were done sooner than expected.

Think I'm going to pass on Atlanta. I've been thinking about it for what - a month? two? - and I just can't get excited about it. Hilly course, very early (still winter, in fact) race date. Not really looking forward to winter training for the second year in a row. And with the hamstring along with this gastrointestinal whatever, I'm not up to reasonable mileage to start a marathon plan this week - and that would be an abbreviated schedule. Not feeling it.

Other options for spring then?

  • April 18 - Garmin (in the land of Oz), Olathe KS - Not excited about the elevation profile, which is down 200 from the start to about mile 11, then mostly up on the way to the finish. But, it's a spring marathon so not a PR or BQ race anyway.
  • April 26 - Glass City, Toledo, OH - Pretty darn flat. Within an hour from my front door. Tempting.
  • April 26 - Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton, OH - Not quite as flat as Glass City. Not quite as close to home.
  • April 26 - New Jersey - Long Branch, NJ - Pancake Flat.

And there's a bunch in May:

  • 3 - Ft. Collins, CO
  • 3 - Carderock, MD
  • 3 - Lincoln, NE
  • 3 - The Flying Pig
  • 3 - Providence, RI
  • 17 - Colfax in Denver
  • 17 - Sugarloaf in Maine

Maybe I'll lay out a schedule first and pick the right weekend with Mrs. Dave. That's probably a good idea.

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Do share this mint chocolate dipped Oreo recipe!

The Garmin Marathon is near my company's the Kansas City division, so if you decide on that one I'll make it my goal to work at the KC office on April 17!

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I can vouch for the CO marathon (Ft Collins - but you know that). Usually cool temps - first half is beautiful - second half meh. Festive finish line. 

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The holidays are good time for rest and a break from regularly scheduled runs. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

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