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I was running! Then I stopped.



After that dreadmill run I had three fun ones, since the weather got decent for a few days. An easy 5.5 out and back on the Target path, a slow uphill (150 feet) out and quick downhill (150 feet) back on Seven Mile. They've extended the walkway along the road for another half mile past Haggerty Road. Someday they're supposed to complete a walking/biking park all the way to Northville Road (2 miles), but this is at least better than it used to be. Fun to see a 7 in the pace - first one of those in a while. Had another one the next day running along the bike path loop to the south.

Then it was cold, windy and rainy so there was another dreadmill run. 4 miles. Mrs. Dave appreciates that the machine I bought for her is getting some use.

I hemmed and hawed the week before Thanksgiving about running a turkey trot or playing football. For awhile it looked like there wasn't going to be a game, so I checked out several in the area and found a 5K that wasn't too far for a quick morning race and had almost decided to register when I got an email about the football game. Spent the next day hemming and hawing about it again, and finally decided to go play. I'd run from the house to the field (3.5 miles), play for a couple of hours and then run home. That's a great way to build up a good turkey and stuffing appetite, no?

The run down was good. I packed my cleats, a towel and some gloves I could catch with in an backpack and trotted out. It was about 35o with a brisk wind. Good for running or playing football on a Thanksgiving morning. There were only five guys at the field, but that was enough to have some fun, and a couple more showed up later, so 4 on 5 with an abbreviated playing field. Our first play was a short pace I caught, juked a couple of attempted tackles and ran in for a score. Good start. A couple of hours later, I'd caught a couple more TDs and was getting ready to think about calling it a game. I caught a short pass and ran across the first down marker towards the sidelines and my right hamstring decided we were done for the day. Wouldn't you know it? It wasn't too bad, but I knew I was finished and might have trouble running the 3.5 back to the house.

Sat around a few minutes, changed shoes and packed the rest of my stuff, then started at a slow jog. It wasn't long before Sammy the Hammy said he didn't want to go any faster than a walk, so I called Mrs. Dave for the rescue wagon.

I've took the rest of the long weekend off and think Sammy and I are up for a few slow miles this afternoon. We'll see what he says.

74 miles for November, most of them pretty easy. Depending on how things go today, I'll be ramping up through December and getting back on the training wagon. I'm sort of hankering for some Loopster company, so I may just have to try getting ready for Atlanta. I keep asking Mrs. Dave, which she says is a sign that I want to do it. She's probably right. She usually is.

I've very much enjoyed the extra bloops the past couple of weeks. Many thanks to garbo for the contest. If I knew anything about marketing, it'd be great to have some new runners to join us and build up our group again. Remember when there wasn't time to read everything that was written on the Loop? Heady days.

I fully intend to provide pie to everyone who posted. Let me know when you're coming by.

Made a couple of extra pies for the neighbors who helped with the snow the week I was in WA. Mrs. Dave delivered one to the psycho neighbors and they accepted graciously, seeming to indicate they were harboring less ill feelings. Perhaps I should have made them a pie sooner. Perhaps they've finally accepted our story that there is no dog. Will I have to stop calling them the psycho neighbors?

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I can't imagine playing a couple of hours of football. I would have been injured in the first few minutes. Hope the hamstring gets better soon. 

I've enjoyed the extra blogs lately as well. I don't believe this will really ever attract anyone new as it is set up now. It's too hidden and private. It would need to have it's own cause/purpose, shtick, relevancy, public social media accounts, etc. Clearly nobody has time for that, so it is what it is. 

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16 minutes ago, DrWhiskers said:

Why no dreadmill for Mrs Dave ? 

She has some aversion to exercise that I don't understand.

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23 hours ago, MichaelV said:

I can ' t imagine playing a couple of hours of football . I would have been injured in the first few minutes . Hope the hamstring gets better soon . 


the first sprint and I'd be down on the ground clutching some body part that went sproing ! 

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On Sunday I mentioned my decision to retire and the guy I was talking to (who, incidentally, didn't show up this year himself) spent the next 5 minutes telling me how he was going to make sure I didn't get hurt next year.

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