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Come Back - Going Back.






Wanted to post a little something about the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon without being too lengthy since I'm using the phone to do it.

  This marathon had been in my sights for some time since I last ran it in 2013 when I qualified for Boston here and it became the race i wanted to use to make what i felt was a comeback for me. I did manage two marathons last year which I felt were a success based on where my running health was at the time and the very limited training I did for them. Then this spring I strayed from the Hanson's training plan to try something else mostly just to get a different perspective with the result being a stress fracture of the tibia meaning  a DNS for the River Rat Marathon.

So now I'm comfortably back with the Hanson's where I belong and it paid off! I trained to run 3:15 for this race mostly because that's what I trained for in 2013 when I ran 3:13:05 in my second marathon, not wanting to give in to the added years. Also not only has it been my plan to go back to Boston 5 years later but to do it as close to what I did the first time. You see I don't like giving in to this age thing!

  My plan for this race was to stick with the 3:15 pacer, possibly make a small move around mile 18 before the uphill stretch then make another move around mile 24 .  The iffy weather forecast turned out to be good conditions with the rain stopping just before the start and the wind not a factor so I was quite content to just settle in with the pacer. My Garmin was measuring the miles short which means it read faster splits than reality so I just basically ignored it right away to keep my mind relaxed by letting the pacer handle all the timing duties. Without doing that I may have finished a little slower .

 By the time mile 18 came the decision was made to stay with the pacer instead of moving ahead, it just seemed I would need the energy for the hill and didn't want to lose it for the finish. As far as pain was concerned it was just the normal stuff I always get when I run, the sore hamstrings that started around mile 8 but nothing more serious which was my greatest fear.

Made it to mile 21 where Dan Tian said he was going to be but wasn't sure which one he was, thought about just shouting his name but with the indecision I was soon past and lost out on the opportunity. 

Making it up the uphill section in fairly decent condition it was time to make a move if was to be made so at mile 24.5 I moved ahead. It wasn't a big increase but it definitely increased my breathing and it felt like I was maxed out for what I could do the rest of the race! The last half mile at TCM is a pretty good downhill and it was here that out of nowhere the outside of my left knee started barking at me in a very persistent manner. It was the same sharp pain that forced me to run walk the finish in my last marathon but there wasn't far to go and I was able to finish albeit with a limp in my stride.  Final time , 3:13:51,  third in AG, my goal was met! 

So much relief in finishing the way I wanted, staying with the plan and even having a small negative split! And now I'm hoping for a chance to see a few of you in Boston 2019!



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Kudos on not succumbing to "the age thing."  Keep it up as long as you can!

As you will note from my post, "I fought the age and the age won," to paraphrase the old song...

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Awesome job and very inspirational. So hope for me yet?! Of course inside I'm that young guy in some of my old pics not the old guy I see in the mirror each morning.

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On 10/13/2017 at 11:04 AM, mattw said:

Very solid and way to show that aging stuff who is boss!

Thanks Matt,, seniority rules!

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23 hours ago, ChocTop said:

Awesome job and very inspirational. So hope for me yet?! Of course inside I'm that young guy in some of my old pics not the old guy I see in the mirror each morning.

Of course there hope ChocTop!! The power of positive thinking is huge. Its very important to stay positive when waiting for the race to start, smiling to yourself. There a reason sports psychologist haven't faded away.

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Nice! Great race.  I am refusing to give into the age thing too.  Definitely it is working better for you than me!  

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