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What's there to say? Warning: no fun



Somehow, despite my best efforts at willpower, I can't resist a garbo mandate. So here I am. 

Nothing to see here, however. Injury after injury, all involving left foot. This time I was working slowly back to running, doing intervals of one minute run, one and a half minutes walk, and did a 5k that way in early November (PW of 45 minutes, but I was kind of excited to think it was a beginning.) Woke up the next morning in pain (surgical ankle) and am now going through the familiar routine of waiting a month for a doctor's appointment. Probably to be followed by a month in a boot or a cast before I'll be even allowed to have an MRI.  Meanwhile bracing it everyday and taking nightly ice baths. 

I'm pretty close to renouncing my Loop membership. Much as I love you all.  

Aren't you glad you asked, garbo? Maybe I'll learn to play Muskrat Love on the oboe.

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well, dang it. i hope it never comes to muskrat love on an oboe. although your a capella version version is still in heavy rotation around here. dang it.

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24 minutes ago, Gonzo Runner said:

Every valley is surrounded by peaks . Hoping you get back to the top soon . 

Thanks, GR!


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13 minutes ago, garbanzo a gogo said:

well , dang it . i hope it never comes to muskrat love on an oboe . although your a capella version version is still in heavy rotation around here . dang it .

a capella??? I had the finest hillbilly backup band behind me!

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Well, being injured is always a bummer, but I've learned that in the times you are not running (or running a little, or running then not running, then running, or whatever isn't running regularly), that you never really stop being a runner.  I've been on the bench for a few years and only last year was able to start putting together a comeback.  Hope you get there too!  Good luck!

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I'm so sorry.  This is so stupid that you have to go through all of this before you can get the care you need.  I hope somehow you can get fast tracked to an MRI.  Or if I'm getting what I hope, I hope the pain goes away as quickly as it appeared.

Keep us in the loop.  ❤️

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