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Things I've Learned -- A Good Old Training Blog




1) When given a gift don't look it in the mouth.... Ummm I don't think that's quite right...

Friday's weather was supposed to be beautiful. Saturday's was to be super blustery. I did the old switcheroo on the training plan and ran 9 on Friday and 5 on Saturday.

I ran Friday's  9 @ 9:39 on all of the surfaces. I found a dirt road that says private road/ Do Not Enter .... ( I'm sure doesn't apply to me, right?) that connects to a pine needle/ sand trail that connects to the huge shopping center that I live near. It was the perfect loop! Don't tell me that sign applies to me.

Saturday as advertised was super windy and cold. I would've loved to have hit GP but the run ended up being 5.2 miles at 9:23. With the wind and dirt/sand that I ran on I'm okay with the pace.

2) Trail running with friends on a non-run day can be good cross training. 

Sunday is meant to be a cross training day - for me that usually means biking or rowing. But when the local running group said they'd be holding a group run Sunday morning on my favorite hilly trails I couldn't resist. The leader kept the pace to a really nice 13:30 average. It was super cold but I was happy to have some new friends for the morning. Crunchy leaves and all smiles. 4.76 miles.

3) There are more ways than one to skin a cat. <==What a weird phrase! Don't do that. That's just wrong.

When I first tore my hamstring every PT would tell me to cross train. Do something other than run. 😠 Please tell me right now what doesn't use your legs?? Anyway I became pretty obsessed with CrossFit. I even tried out a free class. I ended up doing my own made up workouts because I needed to be super careful.

Monday's 3 turned into 4 x 1 miles with kettlebell deadlifts, kettlebell thrusters (basically a goblet squat and then when standing up  push the kettlebell to overhead), banded sidestepping (my PTs would be so proud), and jump roping. Each mile was faster than the previous which was completely unintended. -- 9:25, 8:46, 8:28, 8:24.There's something about lifting weights and then running that just makes me go faster. Maybe it's because I feel so light after putting down the weight? 

If you have never tried doing a workout like this I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is so much fun! 

4) Liz's and Rob's stupid plank challenge may have fixed me.

Remember my stupid lower abdomen/pelvis pain I was getting?? I was still having some of that when I was running long but Liz and Rob both decided that November would be GREAT for planking. (What is wrong with them??) Well, the 5 minutes of planking every.damn.day has cured/strengthened (knock on wood) my pelvis.

Tuesday I ran 6 at a local park and stopped every mile for a standard, side plank or some variation. 6 @ 9:48.

5) It's okay with me if knowledgeable people at the gym give me pointers.

Tuesday afternoon I met my friend at the gym. We walked on the TMs for 30 minutes and then hit the weights. Two guys decided that we could use some pointers.  I think in this day and age that men might be afraid that they'll get accused of mansplaining or being chauvinistic. It probably took some for them to reach out to us about proper positioning. Leg press, calf press, bench press, squat rack, deadlifts, curls to overhead press.

6) My legs can do more than my brain thinks.

After hitting weights so hard Tuesday I was pretty sure my tempo run was going to become a nice easy stroll. The stupid wind had kicked up to 17 mph just to add to the fun. I took off at a nice easy jog on the bike path and immediately felt my legs being poppy. What the what? You're tired....Nope. When the 1 mile warm up ended I pushed the pace and was rewarded with something in the 8s. According to Hal Higdon you should slowly work your pace down and finish the last 5 minutes at 10k pace. Well, I'm no savant when it comes to running certain paces or letting the pace drop slowly. Think football wide receiver and I'm just running full out. It was a 25 minute tempo and I ended up covering 3.1 miles with the paces being 8:16, 8:06, 8:02, .11 @ 8:01. 5.21 in 45 minutes.


Thank God It's Rest Day Except for the Damn Planks!


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I see more and more about the benefits of both cross training and weight lifting, especially for older athletes. Good stuff!

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On 11/25/2019 at 7:17 PM, Dave said:

I feel like you ' re not even speaking English .

You should try 1 mile intervals mixed up with weights if you are going to do the treadmill sometimes this winter. Makes it more bearable.

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When I see plank I always think walk the plank and then I think of pirates and pirates drink rum and then I wake up the next day with a very bad headache. 

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15 hours ago, Dave said:

Does doing it at an angle make it harder or easier - like , is this cheating or badass ?

5:00 of planking a day and easy should never be in the same sentence 

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9 hours ago, Gonzo Runner said:

When I see plank I always think walk the plank and then I think of pirates and pirates drink rum and then I wake up the next day with a very bad headache . 

Damn! Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong the whole month!

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