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Spectating the Spectators



Charlotte Marathon Spectating the Spectators report

    • Women in animal costumes - at least they look warm.
    • And more of them.
    • There's Dustin.
    • Guy in red fleece onesie style pajamas with snowflake print - and his dog.
    • "Good job! You got this! Keep it up! Looking strong! Gatorade! Water! Almost there!"
    • This DJ is playing a Stevie Wonder song - wait that's a band and a guy singing - good impersonation!
    • There's Dustin again.
    • Tissues offered.
    • Hit the poster for power.
    • NoDa crowd and wall are here again.
    • Standard poster about stamina and call me, but no number offered?
    • "Smile - you paid to do this"
    • "Where's everybody going?"
    • Megan, Lori and friends!
    • Guy looking at me called out "Matt!" - um, who was that?
    • Guy in purple fur jacket thing banging on a pot.
    • Dave and Ian!
    • Dustin!
    • Candy on a table in a driveway with a "Free" sign. Maybe the animal costumed women should swing by.
    • Mike!
    • Dave and Ian!
    • "Elizabeth 8k" - am I lost?
    • DJ smiling and waving.
    • More tissues offered.
    • High five up Stonewall Street.
    • Cheers at the finish!


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1 hour ago, garbanzo a gogo said:

you’ve been running seriously for a long time. you should consider investing in a proper animal costume.  

Or a banana hat?

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I saw those warm-looking adult onesie costumes at a store around Halloween and came very close to buying one, for the warmth factor!

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1 hour ago, MichaelV said:

Why were you offered so many tissues? Were you crying? :)

I wanted to!

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