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Don't Call it a Comeback




I'm also here because the garbanzo'd one told me to.

My year has been going pretty well. I finished my masters degree! I ran 8 half marathons this year. I paced 3 of them, and successfully paced 1 of them. I am now up to 68 lifetime pikermis! I haven't run a full marathon since 2016, but I am currently signed up for 2 (Illinois Marathon and Grandma's Marathon) and am in the lottery for Chicago and New York, where I will win -$500ish in entry fees if I get both. Ouch. 

Is anyone else signed up for a late April marathon who would want to be an accountability buddy?

Back to the pacing - I've started pacing with OnPace, based out of the Green Bay area. They have been pacing the Zooma women's races and are quickly expanding. Through them, I'm excited to be pacing the Zooma Bermuda Half Marathon in February! Getting to Bermuda will involve me spending the night in JFK Airport... but then I'll be in Bermuda! 

I ran across Iowa in June with my relay team, Runderbolts and Lightning. We've run other Ragnar races together, and we get along really well even though we're from all over the place. 

I'm finding it hard to know what to write about...which means I should bloop more often. 

Catch you on the flippy floppy!

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16 hours ago, SIbbetson said:

Does pacing involve a free trip to Bermuda??  If so, sign us all up!

Ehhh - not a free trip to Bermuda, but it's a free race while in Bermuda! :)

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Don't know what to write about? How about running? Pacing? Ragnar across Iowa? Ber-freaking-muda?

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seems like quite a lot you could write about, here 😉
well done on the masters' !  That is quite an achievement. Also, finishing that should leave more time for running (and blooping) 

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