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After NH, I planned to hold my base and gear up for a 5K on the 9th next month.

Then Connor got a job. It's with a small, non-profit in Tacoma, WA. This gives us two children in the PNW, so my secret plan to retire out that way is slowly coming together. Anyway, he starts on the 18th, and dear old Dad is helping to get him and his stuff out there, which involves me being in Louisville on the 9th.

So, there went my plans for a fast 5K on the back of all that hard fought for summer training. I also have to sacrifice my string of AG wins for this race. But that's what Dad's do, right? And I love road trips, even if I don't get to stop and take in all the sights, and even if it's in the middle of November with the possibility of nasty weather looming. We do have plans to see my Dad and T-Rex on the way through ID, plus Big Mac is in Seattle, so I'll be able to see her as well. It'll be fun.

Ten runs since New Hampshire. The first one was the Wednesday after. An easy three that wasn't very easy, telling me that I needed a few more days of rest. Then there were a few 4 milers that went better, with more rest and better (cooler) fall weather.

I was planning 6-7 for the Saturday after that, but talking to a friend (yes, I have real life friends, too) we decided to run together and he was going 10, so we did 10. And he wanted to go early in the morning, so we started about 6:00 in the dark. I like to see where I'm going nowadays, but it was fine. I took him over the Power Road Footbridge, which has a fair amount of street lights on the way. By the time we finished, the sun was up, it was a beautiful fall morning and 10 miles of fun were behind us.

Last Monday it was cold and wet, so I dreadmilled it for 4. Will I ever not hate it?

On Tuesday I was still sort of hoping that Connor's schedule would let me run that 5K before driving down, so I ran 6-1/2 miles with 5 x 800 @ 7:00 pace. Felt like I was close to fitness for a 5K at that pace. Another couple of weeks and it would have been a good morning.

Skipped Wednesday to help Mrs. Dave get ready for dinner guests, then did another 6-1/2 the next day. This is longer than I'd typically run on a weekday so soon after a marathon, but I don't feel like wasting the gorgeous fall weather we've been having around here. Four easy ones on Friday and then skipped Saturday because I spent most of the day getting the lawn ready for winter. By the time I was done, I didn't feel like doing anything except lay on the couch, so that's what I did for a couple of hours until the church Halloween party. This was more interesting than usual because there was a new guy who wanted to talk about running. He's got some PF and had no clue what it was. If there's one thing I know about, it's PF.

Celebrated my ten year Marathon-iversary on the 16th. Ten years, twenty marathons, and one Boston. What a ride. I only wish I'd started sooner.


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So glad Connor was able to find something, and that it's helping your retirement plan come along! 

What about getting one of those lights that clip onto the bill of a hat? 

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I don't do hats, either, unless it's really cold. Good thing I don't run in the dark much any more.

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11 hours ago, DrWhiskers said:

Surely you can find a 5k along the way? 

Probably not on the way, but I'm thinking about looking for something while I'm in Tacoma. Saturday is free.

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