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Alone on a crowded street



In June of 2012 I began my life changing journey of running. I was drawn into it after going cheer on my daughter as she was running her first half marathon. I did not get to see her train as she lived some 45 miles away and did not get to discuss running with her as she is somewhat of a person who keeps things to herself.

Somehow she and her mother talked me into signing up for a 2013 January half marathon at Walt Disney World in Florida. I just think they wanted a winter vacation. With my little girl living away I did my running basically on my own, mostly alone and out by myself. The race day events in Florida came and I finished, my daughter finished and we all had a memorable week in the sunshine.

As my running continued, my daughter’s running slowed to just doing 2 or 3 more races, and those were made difficult from injuries before ending all together.

Meanwhile I kept on going for several more years, 8 more half marathons and numerous 5K and 10K events. During this time my training and normal running was done on my own and out on the roads by myself. Even my latest half marathon ( Note I did not say my last) became a virtual half marathon, which I had to also run alone. 

Sure I did run a lot of the winters inside on a track where others would run for 10 or 15 minutes and the elderly would stroll around for a bit, but still I was mostly running alone. On race days, I was not racing, but running to do just a bit better than the last time I raced. Even though I was with hundreds of other runners who where there for similar reasons, I was basically running alone.

I think that running alone has been the hardest part of this whole running game.

Today my running future is in question as to how much I will be able to do and how far I can run as my body is fighting me all the way.  The near future for me just may be limited to short evening walks with the hope of one long weekend morning outing. This will all depend on what my Rheumatologist will tell me next month.

Sadly it looks like I will be taking these future walks alone as my wonderful wife has a different exercise and work day schedule than I do. Oh well, I have come this far by being mostly out on my own with my thoughts, I suppose I can do it for a few more years.

Hopefully one day, when I retire, I will have someone to walk along with me for many more years and not be doing it alone.

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the first Disney marathon in 1994 was my last marathon.. also got talked into it by DW who wanted a winter vacation ;-) 

now do one run a week with the local running store, usually the slowest one there, but they tolerate me kindly.. ha 

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I went to a group run once. Everyone ran their own pace. It was weird so I 95% of the time run alone also.

Glad you aren't hanging up your sneakers yet.

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