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Woke Late, Ran Anyway + Joyous News



Woke Late.
Ran Anyway.
Because it never feels good to give in to the excuses.  

Running an hour late means more traffic.  Lots.  And the drivers don’t expect to see a runner, or anyone on the sidewalk that they should try not to run over. Stupid driver.  

Three deer crossing Midway.  I was really sure the third one was going to be hit by the 411 Island Transit.  Flashed my flashlight at him.  Probably wasn’t necessary.  He probably saw the deer.  Probably thought I was trying to flag him down instead of waiting for at the bus stop.  Stupid runner. The deer, all three of them crossed safely.  

Got caught at the signal on Midway and Whidbey.  I hate that signal.  It takes forever and with all the traffic I couldn’t just ignore it. Not one to run in place, at least I got to stretch out my calves during the first mile.  

Did I mention I ran the uphill direction? Something about mixing up the direction so that the bank of the road isn't always on one side. Yeah.  Had to take a walk break the block before Regatta and a few more the rest of the way home.

The people coming out of Navy housing are generally aware of runners no matter what ‘o-dark-thirty time you are running.

A buck crossing the road at the church on Regatta.  

The Navy parents coming out of the CDC (Child development center) are in a hurry. Ninja runner with reflective blinky lights glares at mini-van mom, but remains invisible to Ms. Inahurry Lateformashift.   

It was light enough when I reached the dark stretch of Regatta for me to leave the flashlight off.

Time?  Slower than Tuesday. I honestly haven't looked.    


With permission I announce some amazing wonderful and utterly joyous news: My BA runner sister GiniaQ had her first baby yesterday!!!! I’m sad that she’s in Kansas and I am on Whidbey but she has a super awesome hubby and baby girl is absolutely perfect. I’ve not said anything until now because I wasn’t sure if my sis would be hopping back into the loop. She ran through all her pregnancy. I wasn’t a runner before my children, but my sister went into this pregnancy marathon-fit.  No kidding, she ran a marathon at the beginning of her pregnancy and seriously went for a run just this past weekend at 39 weeks. Yeah. She’s kinda my hero.  

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I love seeing the deer...it always lifts my spirits. Congrats to GiniaQ!!! And to you becoming an aunt!!! Hope you get to go meet the little one soon.

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2 hours ago, NavEng said:

Absolute bliss for me this morning. No human interaction. 

Aunts get to have all the fun 

The benefits of rising early. 

unfortunately, this Aunt won't be able to meet the new bundle of perfection for a while :-( 3 kids, heating bill, food, just me.  

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10 hours ago, ChocTop said:

Turned out to be an eventful day! Congrats. Sounds like your sister is certainly BA!

She truly is. I chatted with her last night and she'll probably be joining the new Loop soon with a recap of her adventurous 9 months.  Srsly.  Rock climbing, running and a healthy Mom and baby.  

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1 hour ago, Running Nole Fan said:

I love seeing the deer...it always lifts my spirits. Congrats to GiniaQ!!! And to you becoming an aunt!!! Hope you get to go meet the little one soon.

The deer are neat... but seeing them in the middle of town is kinda sad. There has been a lot of new development in the last few years. 

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