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trail walking

doug in co


It was supposed to be a trail run. Between the rocks, steepness, and my getting old, there was much more walking than running.. 


The snows of yesteryear await the snows of September.

MapMyRun shows the average gradient as 7.8%.  Maybe I can feel not so bad about it now.. 



Only one climb on the route, how bad could it be ? ha. 
One of the few runnable bits of trail, 


Once I could run all day up here. Now I have to take a rest, quite possibly more than one. Since I'm resting anyway and the fish are rising, usually pack in a rod and do a little fishing, while panting in the shade. 


Up at the end of the trail, a deep rocky lake below the Continental Divide. I heard voices, then saw four guys skiing down from the Divide on that dirty patch of snow. Saw them later and said it seemed like a lot of walking for a little skiing. They probably thought the same thing about my fishing.. 


Thunder rolled in and it was time to beat feet out again, past the pretty little streams.


Torrential rain and hail on the way out. Usually September in CO is calm, mild and reliably sunny through the day. Now we broke the weather, anything can happen. 

On Saturday ran my annual race, 5k at church to fundraise for IOCC. Our friends Carl and Mary came to support the cause, Carl ran away from me (won in 20:18) and Mary walked with DW. 


My times at this race:
2013 22:37,
2015 23:25,
2018 24:27,
2019 25:50 
A pattern emerges.. hm oh dear. Still running though, call it a win. 

I been warped by the rain, driven by the snow
kicked by the wind, robbed by the sleet
Had my head stoved in, but I'm still on my feet
And I'm still, willin'


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