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Got over whatever that was at the beginning of last week. Maybe it was nothing, but it sure felt like something wasn't right. Took it easy on Tuesday and tried to come back on Wednesday.

Wednesday, of course, is Interval Day. Last week (week 13 of 18) was time for the classic Yassos. 10 x 800. I'm not going to get into the debate about whether this is a marathon predictor workout, or even if it's a good workout for a marathon training schedule. I like 800s, and doing a bucketload of them is fun. It's a solid, tough workout. I'm going to do 12 of them in a couple more weeks. Before these, though, I had to go to the bathroom. There were two POPs set up outside the middle school track, but they were locked. Sad! Fortunately, there was something going on at the school and the doors were open, so I ducked in there. Now I can run. Warmed up with a mile and a quarter, then hit the gas. The key is consistency from start to finish. 3:43, 3:40, 3:43, 3:39, 3:39, 3:35, 3:38, 3:35, 3:37, 3:33. I'll take the 10 seconds of progression from #1 to #10 as a bonus. The wind was pretty strong (17 sustained) and gusty, and I'll blame that for some of the variance. Four or five people came and when while I was going around. After Monday and Tuesday, it was reassuring to feel 100% again.

Out and back on Seven Mile for 6 miles on Thursday. That's 170 feet of climb on the way out. Combined with 20 mph winds it sucked a fair amount for the first half, but the return trip was a hoot. 9s out and low 8s coming home.

Friday was just a really nice day. Warmer than I like for running, but the humidity took a steep dive and the wind was just enough to keep it cool. 8 easy miles and 8:50, sort of wandering around in a loose rectangle with some added pieces here and there when a road looked interesting.

Since I missed my first of three 16 milers the previous weekend because of the trip to KY, I debated all week whether to make it 16 on Saturday or keep to the plan. In the end, I decided to stay on schedule, since the consensus has always been to not try making up mileage when you miss workouts. So, just 10. Ish. Almost fall. 57o, winds at 6 mph. Sunny. Just about perfect. And the run, oh my goodness. Some days you want to go faster and faster, right? But I kept the dampers on for most of it. 8:30-9:00. I've been thinking about hills lately and how I haven't gotten any. About 3 miles out I decided to extend this an extra mile and tackle that hill that I hate so much. Haven't been out this way far enough in a while. Went over it pretty smoothly. No hate this time. Coming back down the other side there were two college teams working out. One of the coaches is a friend from back when the boys ran, so I stopped for a few to chat and update him on the family. Stopped for a gel and water at 6, then made the last of the climbs before heading home. Took the last 4 to see if I could roll a fast finish. 8:29, 8:21, 8:02, 7:24. That would be yes.

Yesterday's tempo was another winner. With the holiday, I slept in a little, took my time getting ready, and gave myself another test. Long tempos are probably the toughest for me, but feels so good when I can nail them. This is my third and last week of 9 with 7 at pace before moving up to 10 with 8. The big difference today was the morning run. Usually these are in the pm, which means they've been stoopid hot and humid since I started training in June. Still pretty humid, but at 65o, it could have been worse. 8:16 for mile 1 (which I missed checking, but whatever). For the other 7 I felt like the effort was even, so the small elevation changes probably explain when some were faster than others until the last one when I let off the brakes. 8:04(+17, -36), 8:02(+39), 7:38(-46), 7:41(-33), 7:50(+13). 7:10(-42).

Worked in the landscaping yesterday. Discovered we have a yellow jacket nest tucked up under the edge of the new siding. At least it isn't bees, which is what I first thought when I looked at them on Saturday. Had a guy out today to take care of them. I moved some rocks around, set up some rain drainage away from the foundation and laid some mulch.

New shoes on their way. I'm at 347 miles on my current Cumulus model. Wished they wore longer, but they're so darned comfortable.

Calling it back on schedule. Suppose I ought to actually sign up for this race, eh?

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Even when it's 66* and 100% humidity (which is what it was for my workout this morning), it's SO much better than 70*+ with a dew point of 70*!  I've decided 70 is about where it becomes the dew point of death, for me at least.

Your work is solid and you definitely need to register for your 26.2.

In regards to the Yassos, Bart himself says they are like you described, a solid workout.  He never intended them to be a marathon predictor, so it's kind of funny people debate that (the marathon time = Yasso time is just a way to get your target time for the 800s).  No one can argue how hard 8-12 x 800 m fast is!

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17 hours ago, ocrunnergirl said:

Isn't it sacrilege to only go 6 miles on 7 mile road? Just seems wrong.

Glad everything is feeling better. 

What can I say? I'm a rebel. I've run ten on Eight Mile before.

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