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Don't know what this is.

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Tried to run a 7 mile tempo yesterday. The warm up mile was slow, slow, slow. Usually I have a bit more pop on Monday after Sunday off. Figured it would shake out like normal. Nope. Felt like I was carrying twenty extra pounds. WTH? After the first half mile I slowed, thinking maybe I'd just do the 9 as a slow run, but just a few steps later I slowed to a crawl, stopped, then just headed back home. Stopped at the Speedway to use their facilities and thought maybe I'd finish off with the Laurel Park Loop, to give me 5 easy ones if I couldn't do the 9. Crossed the street at the light, and a half mile later turned left to cut the whole thing to 3-1/2.

So, what the what? This was after 5 hours in the car, driving home from the weekend with the granddaughters. I don't recall having any particular fatigue from driving. And I didn't even drive the whole way. Just half. Hadn't spent the drive eating junk food, either. It was cool with a light rain, so conditions were as good as they've been in weeks. GD#1 came down with some strep throat on Saturday, but I've had no symptoms myself, unless this crazy fatigue is one.

Last Wednesday was a weird one. 11 miles total, with 6 x 1600 and 800 recoveries.  All 6 were under 8, and 3 at 7:30. Drenched in a downpour in the middle of the 3rd one, which was fun.

Thursday's easy 10 turned out to be about 8 with a 2 mile WOS (walk of shame). I was just gassed. It was warm but not humid so I figured it was going to be a nice, easy one. Left over from Wednesday?

Friday I got up early and did 6 before we left for Kentucky. Nice, nice, nice. Cool and comfortable. Way better than Thursday.

Right after that we drove down. DS1 got a promotion and they're moving the family to Dallas (Mckinney) next week, so this was our last chance to have a visit be a quick weekend drive. Not that we've seen them very often anyway, with his travel schedule for the last few years.

Anyway. Saturday morning had 16 on the training plan, and while I couldn't justify that much time on the road in Lexington, I did get in 10 easy, relaxed, comfortable miles early in the morning before spending the day with them. There was a neighborhood association picnic, and then a couple of hours at the pool. I haven't spent any time at a pool in I couldn't tell you how many years. Some diving, although none of them pretty. I did win the family cannonball contest. They had a 20 foot climbing wall that I accepted the challenge to scale. I wasn't 100% confident there, either, but I did make it to the top both times I tried. Nothing like the 9 year old, but not bad for an old man.

Sunday was quiet. No running. No sun. No serious activity. I got decent rest all three nights. So I'm at a total loss why yesterday's tempo was such a complete bust. And this morning I woke up feeling like I needed another 2-3 hours of sleep.

Today is warm and humid. Don't imagine I'll be trying to add anything to the 7 on the schedule. At least it looks like the worst of the summer is over, so the weather should be giving me a break after this.

Can you believe it's less than 6 weeks to race day?

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Sometimes, you just have an off day. 
And if you feel like you need extra sleep, then I say get it, if life allows for it!

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Probably just an off day, or fighting off a bug. Hopefully everything will be right back to normal. 

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I’m with AMarie— probably just an off day. Sometimes our mind convinced us that we aren’t feeling it that day. After following REs training I’m a firm believer in the slow miles. All miles are better than none...unless you are in pain.

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