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more like a marathon than a vacation.. NRR

doug in co



Five days in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, paddling and portaging into the woods. It was wonderful but a very great deal of work. This boat is about 65lbs, 75 as carried with paddles and lifejackets strapped in. There's also a 30-40lb pack on my back, for extra credit.  I thought about renting a Kevlar boat which weighs in about 42lbs. Next time it's Kevlar, just not tough enough anymore for carrying these loads around. The longest portage was half a mile, and quite long enough too. 

There were eight of us, three olds (me, DW, Jon) and the rest college kids. My son is a DIII competitive swimmer, the other guys are a competitive powerlifter and a rower, and a girl who is a soccer player. She was much the strongest of all of us, zipping back and forth on the portages with offers to carry any loads needed. DW carried about 80lbs. My younger son carried this pack over one portage, then asked, "Mom, why aren't you crying ?"  Little does he know how strong his mother is..  Jon has a bad R knee and I have a bad L knee. We figured in a crunch we could lash our legs together, and get a tripod with two good knees on the outside legs. 

Once in camp it's a tough life. 

We did some fishing, embarrassingly I caught all the fish. My son in front in the pic below. I'd just returned to camp and caught a pan-size walleye right in front of the cheering crowd, who then all piled into the boats to see if there were any more. Unfortunately these aluminum boats produce quite a racket, think we scairt 'em all back into the deeps. 


At least I was able to show them all how to fillet a fish, using a canoe paddle for the cutting board, then let them all have a practice fish. Walleye is delicious, especially when someone else cooks it and cleans the pans afterward.. these are good kids. Young men and women, I mean. 


Duluth is a delightful town. DW is hatching a plan for us to drop off kid 2 at college next fall, then rent an apartment and spend a month in Duluth. Since all our work is through a computer anyway, we can work remotely. 

In actual running news:

Most of my recent running has been up in the forest, with the dog off-leash to get his miles in. He is 11 now and starting to get dementia. The treatment is much as for humans, provide stimulation like daily walks and long runs, diet supplements, etc. The poor thing will stand in front of an open door and bark to be let in. 

Brooks came to the Runners Roost weekly run, and I won a new pair of shoes in the raffle.. I picked the Glycerin, which is the Brooks long-run max cushion shoe, but feels to me like a fine tempo and race shoe. Old heavy guys don't count shoe ounces anymore.. ha. Now I have to sign up for a race, to justify new shoes. 

Running buddy Carl has a daughter off to Burning Man for a couple of weeks. I've never seen him so freaked out.. tried to calm him down, but I think he won't be happy until she is back.. 

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Never been to Duluth, but if the pics are any indication, it's an awfully nice area. Of course, any place out in the woods is nice. Walleye is good eating.

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Most of my running has been on the trails too! Awww your poor pup. We had to put ours to sleep this past November. (A golden retriever who couldn’t stand up anymore.)

Looks like a fun vacation! I love the comment about how strong your wife is!

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