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Where is Fall? Pics of the weekend.



Big Mac and the new SIL came in for a visit last weekend. Got all my runs in around the related activities, though. Only a few grumbles from Mrs. Dave about doing 15 miles on Saturday, but I went out early enough it wasn't so bad. More on that run later.

Last time I was grumbling about my performance running through Hell. Apparently I'm not ready for hills. I felt like I wasn't ready for running, but the next Monday restored my faith a bit. Monday is tempo day, you know. This run was almost a success. I've decided to give myself some more slack in my pace goals until the weather breaks, and this run was the perfect example. It also reinforced that I'm nowhere near as dialed in as I need to be on GMP. This was supposed to be 6 miles at pace. I ran the first four faster than that. 8:12, 8:01, 8:09, 7:36. It wasn't 90 degrees and there was some shade, so I must have thought it was fall already. Stopped at a POP in the park, then sped off at the same crazy pace for another half before I realized that I was going to die. So I shut it down and walked/jogged for a quarter to get it back under control, followed by one more mile at too fast pace (7:37). I liked the speed, but am disappointed I can't get the pacing right this summer. I've done this before, haven't I?

Tuesday was a not bad recovery run around the Bates Burger Loop.7 miles @ 8:42. Dragging some at the end.

This being my first week at full mileage AND full effort, Wednesday Intervals was back. This one was 4 x 2400, with 800 recoveries. 12 miles total. This one was a winner. I had to keep a much closer eye on the watch than I like, but I was able to just about nail all 4 at 8:00. (8:02, 8:03, 8:03, 7:49).

Paid for it on Thursday, though, that's for sure. 8 miles at a more pedestrian 9:00, and it felt slower than that. But those are just filler miles, so whatever.

Friday was a quick 5, to get done before the kids' flight came in. We took them to Buddy's for some Detroit style pizza. The one request SIL had was for some experiences that would give him a true taste of the area. Most people we asked suggested different restaurants, which seems weird to me. But I'm always up for pizza. We didn't go downtown to the original location because of time constraints, but the pizza was great.

I'd been sort of dreading the thought of Saturday's 15 miler, worried about the humidity and my lack of endurance lately. But I tried not to over stress and just focus on the run. No pressure. No pace. Relax. Was out the door at 6:15, just as it was getting light out. Of course there was a stop at the park POP. Brought fuel with me. A couple of swigs of G every two miles. A brief walk at 5 and 10 while I downed a Hammer Gel or a Honey Stinger Gel. My last trip to REI they only had Montana Huckleberry (which is my favorite) and Vanilla (not), so I thought I'd try a couple of the HS. The honey is nice and they went down as easy as the HG, so I may include them in my regular supply. This one was a fruit punch. Tasty, and you can taste the honey. Two miles out I had a text from T-Rex. Big Mac and SIL needed the password to the wifi. Why am I the only one who remembers that? And why is that the only thing I can remember?

Had to make another stop at about 6-1/2 miles. There was a couple of miles of road work happening, and they had POPs up every quarter mile. Convenient. I'm just small enough that my fuel belt is on the edge of being too big. It also loosens a little as the run goes on, so I have to adjust it from time to time. What happened next was this. As I pulled on one of the straps, the velcro that secures the ends together came undone, and I found myself with the end of the belt in one hand and the rest of it flapping out like a whip. I grabbed the other end and re-attached it, tightened it up and settle the belt around my hips. About a mile later, I noticed that the left side end was swinging much more than normal. Normally I have it tucked underneath the pouch that holds my gels and my phone. I take the phone with me on long runs for Mrs. Dave to find me. It was gone. GONE! The pouch must have slipped off, I could only hope at the point where I had trouble out of the POP. So I turned around and ran back the mile, and there it was laying on the sidewalk. Since I was running a big rectangle route, I was able to just cut off where I turned back towards home to keep to my planned mileage. Whew. Just as important, I had a pretty nice long run.

The rest of the weekend was packed with Detroit stuff for the kids. We spent the rest of the morning downtown, had Detroit coney dogs for lunch, drove through Brightmore to see the bad/sad side of town, went to the beach and toured the Ft. Gratiot lighthouse. Too much sun and a ton of walking.

Their flight out was early evening, so I waited until after to take my Monday tempo run. Still too warm, but I liked the extra shade and slightly cooler temps. Had to change my route mid-run because one of the bridges was being rebuilt. Didn't feel very good, but the paces were OK. 8:13, 8:33, 8:26, 8:18, 8:20, 7:58, 8:01. Traffic lights made this a little more like a 7 x 1600 than a tempo, but still a good run, and my longest tempo to date.

At this point I'm stalking the weather forecast like my marathon is in two weeks, looking for the highs to drop into the mid-to-low 70s. Yesterday's 6 miles were slow and sticky.

This weekend we're headed down to Kentucky for a final visit with the granddaughters before they move to Texas. That will likely cut my runs down or out completely. I may shift some of those miles to next weekend, which was going to be a short one.

Pics of the weekend.

The Dequindre Cut used to be a tramway, abandoned for many years. Now it's a park with a walking/running/biking path and anonymous artwork under all the bridges. 


Belle Isle sits in the Detroit River between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. It's also a park with a small aquarium (boasting the only complete collection of gar species in the world), a yacht club, lake, science center, swimming beach and this huge fountain.


There's also this monstrous slide that you can ride for a dollar. We all went down it. After running 15 miles that morning I was the slowest to the top. I am not ashamed.


The Ft. Gratiot lighthouse was built in 1829. It's 82 feet tall. We climbed the 94 steps to the top (again, I was last).


The view from up there of Lake Huron is pretty spectacular.


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What do you mean "Where is Fall"? Let's not rush things. Bacon season will be on us before we know it.  Sounds like training is going well so far.

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37 minutes ago, Slow_Running said:

What do you mean "Where is Fall"? Let's not rush things. Bacon season will be on us before we know it.  Sounds like training is going well so far.

Dude! I'm trying to run here. Give me 9 months of autumn weather and 3 days of summer.

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Great pics!  Also I don't think you should ever worry about running anything at 9:00 pace; most pros do plenty of easy running at MP + 2-3 minutes.

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Just to let you know, the lows both mornings this weekend here in KY (at least where I am) are supposed to be 58 degrees. That might be almost fall-like, if you can find a way to get out the door on your visit.

 I am definitely going to take advantage of it with hopefully 20+ miles for the weekend. Probably half with my running group and half on trails.

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1) Every time you use SIL i read it as sister-in-law. Anyone else?

2)What's a gar???

3) Love the mural! The colors are amazing.

4) Solid week of running and I could totally use that road where there are POPs every 1/4 mile. Let's just say I'm a little jealous.

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  1. Son-in-law
  2. Gars are members of the Lepisosteiformes (or Semionotiformes), an ancient holosteian order of ray-finned fish.
  3. ikr?
  4. Never seen that before, either. 🤩

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