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I bought a treadmill.



That's right.

But it's not for me.

Mrs. Dave has been doing C25K the last several weeks. She hates running. She hates exercise of any kind, truth be told. But she knows it's important, especially since she's been diagnosed with some early osteoporosis. And there's her weight that she struggles with. Having hit a long term plateau with her diet, she's out on the streets three days a week, because she's the queen of determination. No matter how she hates it, she's decided to do it. And since it's the middle of summer and we're pushing 90o almost every day, she's been thinking about snow and how she'll lose whatever gains she'll make now when the temps fall below 65o , which is where she draws the line at going outside. We met in the spring and were married by late summer (37 years at then end of this month), so I never had the chance to see her in winter until it was too late. Funny how things work out and you make accommodations for love.

T-Rex and I were on our way to return our pop bottles/cans to the store on Saturday when we saw our neighbor was having a garage sale. I don't normally stop at garage sales, since I already have a garage, but with the previous paragraph on my mind there was a treadmill in the middle of the driveway, so I pulled over and had a look. It was a ProForm 600S in decent shape, and not all dusty like it had been sitting in the basement. D said she used it almost every day until she joined Planet Fitness. She'd gotten it for free from her next door neighbor a couple of years ago. The left side foot rail was broke, but that could be replaced or repaired easily enough. $150 OBO, so I offered $100. Since I only had $40 or so in my wallet (who carries cash?) she let us make our bottle run and then stop by the ATM. Then we waited for Mrs. Dave to get home with the CR-V to pick it up after work. Now it's sitting in the living room, waiting for her to decide where she wants to put it. I have no plans to run on this thing, but you never know I guess.

In real running, I'm not trying anything very fast yet, but I'm ready for full mileage again this week. Just another little (all too familiar) hiccup along the way to another marathon.

Last week went well, according to my recovery plan. Reduced miles on four of the six days, plus one extra on Saturday. Only 5 total short of the training schedule. Also gave up on the morning runs. Issues with the gastro-colic reflex every single run was just too much for me in the long term. I don't want to plan all my runs around bathrooms.

Monday - 77o, cloudy with a stiff wind. 6 miles, up Gill to Nine Mile and back. No news to report.

Tuesday - 84o and partly sunny. Cartwright Snake for 6 miles. First run despite the heat when I actually felt good again. Second half was at 8:30 pace.

Wednesday - 78o and cloudy. Through the park and over to Halsted, then up to Birwood. Had planned on 6 again, but by the time I got to 3, it seemed easy enough to do the extra half out and make it 7. Dropped one of the return miles to 8:20 for no reason.

Thursday - 83o and all sunny. This was a real summer run, the sort that made me try switching to morning runs. Although, it was really encouraging because after the first couple of miles, I got into a sweet groove. 8:34, 8:23, 8:24, 8:09 and 8:20. If I wasn't being careful, this run would have had me ready to get back on the speed wagon. Waiting one more week.

Friday - 60o and sunny. Work had a social event on Friday. Normally, I don't do these things, but it was an assignment for a couple of interns to put this thing on and I was on their advisory team so felt like I needed to be there. Proud I was able to stay for two of the three hours. And I got a $25 Amazon card and free dinner. Knowing I'd be late getting home, and planning my long run for Saturday, I decided to go early on these 6 miles, which is how it was only 60o. 60 feels pretty OSOM after 83, I gotta say.

Saturday - 66o and partly cloudy. 11 miles, around Silver Springs Road. Debated whether to bring the fuel belt. Decided not. Looked for a Hammer Gel for half way, but discovered I was out. When I turned the Home Depot corner there were three people on bikes, wearing pink pig ears and ribbons on their bikes. Guess it was the breast cancer 3 day walk weekend. A half mile later the mass of walkers began coming along the path. I gave them a cheer or two. Most of the responses were pretty unenthusiastic. Maybe it was still too early for them. The ones who said "hello" to my "good morning" seemed more excited to be there. Friendlier anyway. At mile 3 I stopped at a gas station since it was a morning run, and ... but it was fine. Long run. No hurry. Made my big loop through the sub, down to Hines Park. Stopped at the comfort station to splash some water and get a drink. Normally I make a stop on the watch instead of relying on auto-pause for something like that, but this time I let it go. Cost me 1:17 for mile 7. Whatever. Then I saw another cancer walk person. I guessed their route was going to be coming back along where I was running again. Sure enough, a couple of miles later, there they were. More awake, more spread out, but no friendlier. Finished up with three fast miles - 8:13, 8:16, 8:04.

Then I bought a treadmill. For Mrs. Dave.


Yesterday was another scorcher. 88o. At least there was a decent wind. Found a route with some shade to help. 8 miles per the plan and 8 miles done. And it looks like the heat's going to break a little bit for the next few days. That's nice.

52 miles this week, including the 10 mile Run Thru Hell on Saturday, and it's forecast to be a cool morning in the upper 50's. Should be fun.

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40 minutes ago, Ocean_101 said:

I am pretty sure your wife made plenty of accommodations for you as well. 😉

You can be absolutely sure. More than I can count. And more than I deserve.

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The outside cutoff at 65 degrees sounds about right for my comfort zone too, and had me laughing.  Also, the garage sale comment/joke caught me off-guard and caused me to LOL.  Glad I didn't read this at the office, and happy to read that you are back to full mileage and feeling pretty good!

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Nice mileage and treadmill find! I like walking on the TM in the winter while reading. Great way to fight the winter blues.

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19 hours ago, eliz83 said:

Maybe one day Mrs. Dave will wake up and discover she likes it after all.

And may there be peace on earth, good will towards all men.

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