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Sorta scary.

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Thinking you may never run again is a frightful thing. I'd like to imagine I could be philosophical about it. Some day it will certainly happen to me. But I'm not ready for that day yet. I still have plans.

One of those includes another marathon this year. Something else I'd like to imagine is that I can train hard and consistently the rest of the summer and do well when race day comes.

So, the other day when I tweaked a groin muscle doing intervals, I got worried. I always get worried. Maybe that's why old men get grumpy. We're always losing our ability to do things we've always done before. That makes us worried about losing something else. Not a happy place.

Anyway, I mentioned last week that I was going to nurse this along for a week or two and see if I could run through it, then decide this week if I needed to shut down completely for another couple of weeks to let it heal. Well, good news I think. I cut back to just doing easy four milers and it seems to have done the job. Two days off, then a tentative 4 on Saturday last at 10 and a half minute pace. It's hard to go a minute slower than your normal easy pace in my experience. Any faster than 10 I'd start to feel a little weak and wobbly down there, so I kept it at 10:30.

Sunday is always a day of rest, then Monday another 4 at 10-ish. By Thursday, I was speeding up to 9 minutes again and adding another mile. Less and less issues with the pain. Ice, gentle stretching, rest. A little ibuprofen.

The real test will be when I try to add some more speed into things, but that'll wait at least another week. The first thing is to get the miles back up. Starting Saturday with 8-10 of the 14 that were on the schedule, with the option to cut it to 6 if there was trouble.

The only trouble was the weather. Big Mac and her hubs are coming for a visit next month and Mrs. Dave wanted to scout some locations for sight-seeing. Things to show the new SIL a flavor of Detroit and Michigan. This required an early day, so my run had to wait until afternoon. 80+ and humid (although not the worst we've seen). Not my favorite, of course. But this one was about getting out there and seeing how this sort of injury responded to the stress of a long run.

I needed a route with some shade (always a challenge at 4 pm). Might have been a good idea to bring hydration, but I wasn't in the mood. Of course I had to stop once for Abby. That was at 2-1/2 miles at a gas station. Also drank some water there and dowsed my head under the tap. At 4-1/4 I was in downtown Farmington where there was a Haitian cultural thing happening. There was also a drinking fountain where I availed myself of some more H2O before heading back to the house. Stopped at the same gas station for another couple of swigs and again a mile later at the McDonald's.

It all felt pretty slow. Hardly comfortable, but in those conditions, I'm looking at it as a 15-16 mile effort, even if the numbers don't show it. Adductor got a solid B as far as recovery goes, too.

So, this week we continue the recovery with no speed but building up some miles to get back on schedule. There are 48 miles planned, but I'll be cutting most of the runs short by a mile or two. Next week should be at full training distance, if not speed. Maybe the week after for that.

Mrs. Dave decided she wanted to see all the Mission: Impossible movies, so we've been cycling through those. Made it all the way to #5 last night. Good chase scenes.

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Yeah, this aging thing is getting old. (pun intended) Kudos for keeping Father Time at bay for another week. I'm way behind for an October marathon and pretty worried about ramping up quickly. But I will take life as it comes and keep expectations low - a good way to approach things at our age.


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So happy to read that the injury isn't as bad as initially feared!  Maybe the forced cut-back weeks will be a good thing in the end too.

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I'm glad you are still able to get out there and run! 

80s and any type of humidity sound like a dream down here, haha

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FWIW, IMO mileage goes so much farther than speed work in marathon training.  You'll be good!  Also sounds like a good reason to not do 400s!

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