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Onward and Upward




This is my first post on the new Loop! Woot woot! While I'm sad the other one left, it was nice to see so many people sharing their appreciation of each other. Love you all!

The last marathon I ran was 2016 Grandma's Marathon, where it was black flagged, hot AF, and I got the worst sunburn of my life and had to put medical grade burn cream on it. I had signed up for Kalamazoo Marathon in May, but I didn't go. I hadn't trained in the least and I just didn't want to. I was sick of traveling here, there, and everywhere. I can't wrap my mind around running more than 13 miles. So, I took the summer to try to find my love of running again. 

Turns out, I just needed a shake-up. In April, I won a 10 week bootcamp at a kickboxing place that started in July. I didn't really like it for the first 6 weeks, but since then, I've really liked the way it's challenged me to use muscles I don't use (hello, upper body!). Now that I feel like I'm "in shape" and will have something to keep me going in the winter, I signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon. 

Yes, it's hilly, but my only real goal is to get under 6 hours. They have a generous 7 hour cutoff, and looking at the results, some people even finished in 8+ hours. I will just need to work to take down some of my long run mental roadblocks. Cool thing is there's a finisher's jacket this year because it's their 20 year anniversary. Thanks to the Loopsters who gave their input on the race. 

Best thing about Cincinnati? Holtman's Donuts. 

It feels good to have a goal again, even if it is nearly 7 months away. 

Speaking of donuts, I'm doing a donut 5k on Saturday! RR and pictures to come. 

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I live just a couple miles south of Kalamazoo and I don't like to travel there. Good luck with the Flying Pig training.

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Flying Pig is fun. If you don't burn yourself out on the hills in the first half the second half isn't as bad. (The last few miles are kind of lonely, but not hilly)

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Sweet!  I love donuts.  A little too much actually.  
Yes for having race goals- it helps so much.  

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2 hours ago, garbanzo a gogo said:

best thing about loop resurgence is that i can go back to forgetting what people's real life names are. i'm not a big fan of real life.

Wait, that's not your real life name?

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Someone brought donuts into work today from a specialty store: cookies & cream, nutella, peanut butter & pretzel, lemon meringue...oof there goes my waistline!

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That kickboxing challenge sounds like fun. Maybe you should put wineglass on your race calendar for 2018. I think a few Loopsters are planning on being there (me, too).

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