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Who doesn't love a week off?

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Plenty of people, I'm sure. It takes all kinds to make a world.

Relationships are funny things. Sometimes you do things that you wouldn't normally do. Call it compromise. Flexibility. Love. Weakness.

With a late spring marathon for 2019, it made so much sense to me that plans for my other marathon this year would involve something in November or even early December. I keep a spreadsheet with several options for different times of the year. I look at it when it's time to pick one. Mrs. Dave's plans are all in her head, so we usually have several discussions about what won't mess up something more important while I settle on a target. I know, "What could be more important than my next marathon?" I don't get it myself, but there are a lot of things in this world I don't understand.

Anyway, there are races from September (way too early) to November I was looking at. I was thinking late October or November. That was going to give me a week or two off, then a few weeks to get my running legs back under me, then I'd start my 18 week training plan. Mrs. Dave had a better idea, which turned out to be early or mid October. The first weekend, in fact. There went my time off.

Marathon training started last week on Monday. I had one week off. I'm OK with it. After so much time off last year, and a modest training cycle leading up to Vermont, I was sort of itching to see if the knee (and everything else) would hold up. Week 1 was a success.

The more ambitious schedule has me back to Tempo Mondays and Interval Wednesdays, with easy (tired) miles on the other days. It worked before, so we'll see if I can recapture the magic for another serious attempt at Boston.

Oh yeah, the race. I'm still concentrating on the New England states, just in case I move west again before I finish. This time's it's going to be the 27th Annual NH Marathon in the bustling metropolis of Bristol (pop. 3,054) on Saturday, October 5. There were 158 entries last year. The winner ran 2:49. The winner of my new 60-69 AG ran 4:06. Not super excited about the elevation in the first half, but if I can survive that I should be set for a good strong negative split. It's worth a try. Entry is only $70.


So, first week of training went fairly well. Finished all the miles anyway.

Monday's tempo was in the 8:15 range. 4 miles, 6 total.

Wednesday's intervals (Global Running Day!) were 3 x 1200 @ 7:15. It was 82o so not very comfortable. But the pace was certainly good, so I'll take that as a win.

The other days were all 8:45-9:00, feeling tired from the speedwork, just like it's supposed to.

37 miles total, exactly to plan.

Yesterday Mrs. Dave and I donated blood. That will likely have an effect on today's tempo. This may turn out to just be an easy (slow) run. At least temps are only in the 60's, so I don't have to battle the elements as well.

So it begins.

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I don't like a week off running!  ;-)  That definitely looks like a good course to negative split.  You will have so much fun!!

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Fancy font for a fancy guy?

Congrats to Mrs Dave for choosing your next marathon! NH will be gorgeous in early Oct. 

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I sort of like rolling hills. That course looks like it would suit me really well. 

But I am weird and like hills.

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