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Hey! Going to run a marathon on Sunday!

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Started feeling a thing in the back of my through on Friday. By Sunday I was coughing pretty hard and didn't sleep much that night. Monday was a little better and I'm about 100% today. Missed running Monday and Tuesday. That's a little scary the week before a marathon.

As for the rest of last week, it was just about right, considering that I was about to be sick with a little spring cold on the weekend. Three 8 milers (Wed, Thur, Fri), all about 8:45 pace. Tired on Wednesday, of course. Thursday better and Friday not as much.

Saturday was the last double digit run of the season. Since I haven't been able to do a long pace run this time, I decided to throw 8 miles at GMP-ish into this and see how things went. The fact that the cold was coming on made me a bit nervous. But, it wasn't bad. 8:04, 8:10, 8:20, 8:09, 8:23, 8:05, 8:11, 8:13. Not metronome pacing perfection, but all below what I plan to run on Sunday. It was mid-50s and a mild breeze, which - if I can believe the weather forecast for Burlington - will be almost exactly the same at race time.

Bib #2971 if you want to stalk me.

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Good luck. And as long as you are well, you know as well as anyone any run the week of the marathon isn't that big of a deal. 

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