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First Training Cycle- Now Strollerfied!



Back in October I was up to running about 10 miles per week, and basically running two runs at “as fast I could” speed for up to 4 miles.  Every run felt hard, but I wanted to make some progress, and I had no idea how to judge speed while running with a stroller.  Garmin  I had no desire to keep running the way I was doing it. It was just too much work every day and it wasn’t fun.  Plus, my feet were hurting, and the weather was getting nasty.  So, I backed off running and maybe logged 10 miles total all of December.  January was filled with walking every day at lunch, but still not much running.  During this time, I lost a steady 2-3lbs per month, and by the time February came, I was feeling better, and the weather was starting to turn around a bit.

The first week of February I decided to try the training plan for a 10K that I did right before getting pregnant.  So I set up the schedule for on my Garmin for an April 27th 10K race. If anyone remembers, I did the entire training cycle on the treadmill with a hope of an under 45 min 10K, and I ran 45:32 in very hot and humid conditions.  DD  intervals😉. My muscles were in a little shock after the first few runs, but it was a nice soreness.

Having easy runs and working hard with specific workouts felt good! The times were not comparable to what I ran on the treadmill, but with pushing the stroller and running hills I could feel strength building!  With about 3 weeks left until race day, I could feel the training clicking!! There were even a couple of training runs calling for 10K and 5K paces that I ran faster paces than I did on the treadmill!  One of the best parts of the training cycle was the weekend long run.  I ran approximately 10 miles four weeks in a row.  DH  These runs all felt amazing with the best company/distraction for the first part and nice “me time” for the remaining miles!

Training was going well, but I made a calculation mistake.  The race I thought was on April 27th was actually on April 7th.  Oops, I realized this with about 4 weeks until the actual race day.  I continued with the plan, skipping three weeks at the end, but making sure I did the final race week, so that a week of tapering with some little shakeout runs occurred.

I went into the training hoping to better 48min for the 10K, but with those few awesome training runs, I started contemplating the possibility of that 45…  So C Goal – 48 minutes (I would be disappointed if I run slower than that), B Goal – Under 47 (I would be happy with this result), and Absolutely ecstatic A Goal – beat 45:32 (my recent pre-pregnancy 10K time).

Race report is written and coming soon!

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Looking forward to the race report. 

[I got my 5K PR about a year after I had my daughter and ran with her in the baby jogger. That's close to 30 years ago now. :)] 

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Pushing baby definitely helps the training. Looking forward to reading about that sub-45!

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On 5/3/2019 at 4:06 PM, CompulsiveRunner said:


Looking forward to the race report. 

[I got my 5K PR about a year after I had my daughter and ran with her in the baby jogger. That's close to 30 years ago now. :)] 

Baby jogger is no joke. I love hearing about training successes after babies, it helped immensely as motivation to get back out there and work again! I'm hoping for a good 5K attempt this weekend at my 1st Mother's Day present of a 5K race!

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9 hours ago, Dave said:

So unfair, but I suppose you don't have all the free time you used to have for writing, so I'll give you a pass. Now, when do we see that RR?


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On 5/4/2019 at 10:24 PM, DrWhiskers said:

Stroller running is no joke! 

Excited for the RR.

Not a joke at all. Best glutes and triceps I've ever had!😀

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