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And Vacation Starts in 3...2...1!

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I'll admit to a little clock watching today, ahead of the next great western adventure. This time tomorrow I'll be on a plane, heading for Seattle to see Big Mac get married. Unlike myself, who's enjoyed watching this beautiful young woman grow up and fill the world with her music and joy, Mrs. Dave has worried and fretted that the day would never come. That may be the biggest difference between the two of us, and maybe why we've stayed together so long. Her believing that I need her to worry about all the details, and me knowing that she's probably right and that there's not likely to be anyone else on the planet willing to do it.

But it's happening. Not exactly the way Mrs. Dave would like. She's always had in her mind a hundred things that are important about two people getting married and adjusting those ideas to the ones Mac and her guy have about it. Let's just say there's been some stress while the compromises were reached. But I think we're going to make it. Four more days.

Several years ago I was warned that when this day came I was not allowed to even discuss running at the peril of permanent separation. So, my current plans are to take the rest of the week off. This is not ideal for my training schedule, since this is supposed to be the heart of Monster Month, but I figure since I haven't had any injuries/illnesses, I can count this as the unexpected interruption that would normally happen sometime during training. And who knows? Maybe I'll get to sneak in a run or two anyway.

Next week will be more travel - sneaking over to see Dad in Idaho - but I ought to be able to put some miles in, if not a full schedule. Plus Idaho Falls is at 4,700 feet, so altitude training!

So, two weeks ago things were pretty up and down. Some good runs and some not so good. A couple that started out well and finished poorly. Last week was much better. All good runs. With the sfx scare behind me and the weather getting better and better, I thought about running and not if.

Except Wednesday I guess. Chilly and Windy. Like, 30 mph windy. The smart thing to do I've (finally) learned is to go easier against the wind. Besides, a long weekday run is supposed to be at an easy pace., right? Anyway, with the wind I was cruising at 8:15-ish, and 8:45-9:00 against it. No pressure. I could have stayed in the hot shower after for hours.

Eight on Thursday wasn't nearly as blustery. 8:30 pace. Friday was the same pretty much, except I found myself accidentally closing in on 8:00 miles in the middle. Had to put the brakes on, since I was either going hard on Saturday or extra long.

I didn't really decide that until the next morning when I left. I just wasn't feeling a pikermi effort that day. Instead, I went north, climbed some hills, found some trails and generally had an amazing 14 miles of fun, including a progressively fast three to finish - 8:37, 8:26, 7:48.

Yesterday would have been six, but since I'm losing days this week I went 8. Easy out (8:30-40), fun speed coming back (8:06-23). 74 degrees. By far the warmest day this year, but didn't seem to slow me down any. Feeling fit and ready for a good Tempo Tuesday this afternoon.

Have yourselves a good week, Loopsters. I know I will.

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I think you will definitely fit a few runs in - if only to escape the stressed out females! Congrats to the bride!

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The secret is getting up super early and finishing your run before everyone else gets up (I do this on every family vacation).  Enjoy, and congrats to all!

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Congrats to everyone and have a wonderful time! Congrats also for what sounds like a happy run week! I hope tempo Tuesday was just as good as the rest.

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I'm so excited for the whole family! I'm especially excited as this is the one kid of yours I have actually met - please tell her congrats for me!

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A little rest is likely to be of great benefit to your running (and to other aspects of your life).  Enjoy the wedding and stay away from the buffet table although I could not follow that advice myself.

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On 4/12/2019 at 8:43 AM, eliz83 said:

I'm so excited for the whole family! I'm especially excited as this is the one kid of yours I have actually met - please tell her congrats for me!

Big Mac says thanks and congrats right back at you, bride-to-be. 

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