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Flashback - I think I need new shoes



This was written in October 2018 while I was building my running base after having a baby in July 2018. 

My feet ache…I think I need new running and/or walking shoes.

Sometimes I qualify as a stereotypical girl, I find any excuse to buy new shoes…they just typically tend to be running shoes.  Although…I do enjoy a nice colorful pump.  Oh, and don’t get me started on knee-high boots.  They’re the only reason I’m happy for fall, to start wearing those again. But running shoes, definitely running shoes, are my largest expense, and I haven’t purchased a new pair in over 15 months.

My shoe size didn’t change during pregnancy, which I was warned might happen, but I believe my bone structure might have changed slightly, and/or my feet still are not used to carrying extra weight while running or walking fast.  Every time I stand up my feet hurt, and it takes a few steps for the achiness to go away. Not sure what that’s about, but since I am still about 20% heavier than I was pre-pregnancy, I think that may be the cause…or it’s the shoes.  Really, I just want an excuse to buy new shoes.

I’m trying to train smart by only running every other day, or so, and I’ve been increasing a half a mile per run each week.  I started with one mile runs and am now up to three mile runs…If you do the math, you’d realize that the increase was faster than my plan.  I jumped from 2 miles to 3 miles between last week and this week.  But back to the shoes, did I mention I want to buy new ones?  I guess I will gradually rotate a new style in every once in awhile to attempt to avoid changing anything too abruptly. 

As you can probably tell I am trying to be cautious to avoid injury.  Although, now that running is starting to feel easier, I’m (probably) dumbly stating to increase distance at a much faster rate than I originally planned.  I’ll stay at 3 mile runs for a while now though.  I think 10 miles per week is a pretty good goal for now.  I might start to throw some speedwork in there if my feet cooperate, which brings me back to the shoes…time to shop and hope that they help with the foot achiness. 😊

 2019 UPDATE- I got new shoes! I switched from Asics/Brooks/Adidas to all Suacony and my feet have been much happier- I also lost 15-20 pounds and took a break in December, but I’ll give the credit to the shoes! 😊 It's always the shoes😉

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Several body parts changed with pregnancy for me but luckily not my feet either! 

I'm enjoying reading about your return to running. 


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Hey - you grew a baby and are now growing a little person … of course you deserve some new shoes. 

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