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Flashback- First Post-baby 5K



Flashback to the end of September 2018 (from memory):

There’s a local 5K in the town by our house held by the high school every year.  It’s a great race, we live within walking distance the start and finish, it’s reasonably priced, and supports a scholarship for a local high school student, so no excuse not to run really.  DD  DH It’s the only organized race I have ever been able to convince him to do, plus, he joined me in the ice cream mental recovery 😊, so no time goal, but I wanted to run the entire thing.

We started towards the back of the crowd and took off at a nice semi-easy pace.  DD  DH, not having run anything in over a year, and not used to running with the stroller, struggled a bit, which was too be expected, but I’m proud of him for not stopping.  I felt pretty good, but I didn’t have the stroller. We finished in under 31 minutes, just under a 10 min/mile pace.  Awesome for both of us! 😊 AND a very enjoyable run with the entire family!! No cupcake for me this year, but I hope to get back there again for 2019.  (DH did stop by the bakery to surprise me with a purchased one though – Yum!)

DD’s first 5K:

First 5K.jpg

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I've never run with a stroller. Seems like it would be hard unless it's a downhill point-to-point race, in which case it's almost cheating.

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strollers are awesome.. our boys used to love them, 'faster Daddy !' though often I couldn't oblige.. ha 

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Sweet baby!

My kids are 4 years apart so I used that baby jogger for about 8 years. Without it, I doubt if I'd been able to run so consistently all those years. Keep it up, Momma. 

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11 hours ago, DrWhiskers said:

I still use the stroller occasionally at races and DS is almost 6 and 50+ lbs...

Nothing more fun than a family 5k 😊

50+ pounds - that's good workout!!  Some days I struggle with 17lbs.  I'm glad kids gain weight fairly slowly.  That way you can progressively get stronger with the increase. 

Every family run is a good run! 😊

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