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MDI Marathon preview




Long time, no bloop. 

I started having trouble with the Loop at the same time as everyone else. It just became frustrating to use, so I just stopped - not even any lurking on posts - but now that we have this new fabulous platform, I guess I'll give things here a shot!

So, where have I been? It's been a crazy year. I've been running and racing a little. Back in May I ran the Maine Coast Marathon in 4:10:xx; I was going for a sub-4, but it was pouring rain and freezing cold, so I was happy with the time I got. 

After Maine Coast I decided I wanted to give PR-ing a real shot at the Mount Desert Island Marathon in the fall. I've run the race four times before, so I know the course well and my previous PR happened on that course, despite the massive hills. Training started out really great, hitting pace goals and workouts consistently, and then I ran the Beach to Beacon 10k. 

As soon as the race started something felt wonky in my Achilles, but I could still run fast, so I kept going, finishing in 49:30 or something around there. Once I stopped though, my Achilles and calf cramped right up. My calf eventually loosened, but my Achilles stayed tight until I was able to get into the chiropractor a couple of weeks later. I ended up taking a whole week off and running sporadically for the week after. No big deal, I still had some time before MDI.

Fast forward a couple of months and I just never got my mojo back. I struggled through long runs, short runs, and just the idea of running in general felt, meh. 

Around mid-September my mojo started to come back, but it feels like that happened a little to late to really go for a PR at MDI. I got a couple of long runs (mid-teens for mileage) in, but only one 20-miler. My fitness is good - I've incorporated strength work into my routine five days a week, so I'm sure that will help.

This bloop is turning into a little more "woe is me" than I wanted. I don't feel that way at all.

The race is this Sunday, and even though I (probably) won't PR, I'm excited to toe the line. This is my FAVORITE race of all time, despite the hills, and typically chilly temperatures, something about it just keeps bringing me back. The volunteers are amazing, the scenery is beautiful, and all of that just makes for a great day, no matter how fast (or slow) you're running.

Here are my goals:

A: Finish... I don't really care about the time that I run, I just want to make it to the finish line. 
B: 4:14-4:30 (my PR is 3:54, for perspective).

It's an interesting feeling to go into a race without a specific goal, just to enjoy the day. We're supposed to have gorgeous, albeit a little hot (for Maine in the fall), weather on Sunday and the foliage is right around peak, what could be better than that? I was talking with my mom the other day (my parents are the best and always come to my races, even though I'm married and almost 30 years old) and we said that neither of us could remember me doing this race on a day that wasn't ~50* (sometimes with a bit of rain), so 70*ish and sunny sounds tropical. To be honest, I'd rather have it be 50* and sunny, but as long as it doesn't rain, I'll be happy.

My only two problems now are what I should wear and what fun songs do I add to my playlist? I had been planning on wearing capris and a tank, but now I'm leaning towards shorts despite the chaffing issues that may present (bodyglide for the win!). The problem is the weather could change between now and then, so I'm going to have to pack options.

Maybe I'll actually remember to post a RR after this one! Wish me luck. 


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Good luck, Amber....no matter what happens, you've got great scenery and family time to look forward to, so have fun!! What kind of music are you in to?

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MDI is gorgeous!  I want to get up there for the marathon one of these years! Good luck and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery!!!! I can't wait to read all about it!

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