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2019 Snowbuster - The Results Are In!



If you still haven't sent in your results of your Snowbuster race, it is now too late. Sorry, but I warned you.

The number of participants were down slightly from last year, but the competition was pretty fierce and the fun was universal, except perhaps my solo effort that ended up with an 8 minute positive splits and plenty o' walking. But let's let that go for now.

While he didn't actually enter or was even likely to be aware there was a Snowbuster going on last weekend, I'm still going to declare Yomif Kejelcha the winner of the weekend. If you spent it under a rock, young Mr. Kejelcha ran a 3:47.01 mile in the Bruce Lehane Invitational in Boston, setting a world indoor record.

The fastest official entrant this year was our favorite, SIbbetson, who was last year's winning Loopster as well, so congrats on the back-to-backs, Sara. And, oh, by the way, Sara submitted a 23.22 mile run as her entry, which converted to a 1:36:42 pikermi. She also sent me this pic (bonus points!) of one of her RBs who went with her that day. I wondered if this was roadkill, but am assured this just reflects the exhausted joy of running a distance PR. I think we know that feeling.


The field was chock full of overachievers in fact. The top five finishers based on pace all race over the 13.1 official distance. 23.22, 16, 15.51, 18.01, and 18 miles. Whatever works, says I.

Anyway, here are the numbers. Full disclosure: I'm lazy, so didn't use any sort of race converter. I simply multiplied the pace by 13.1 miles and gave us all credit. This no doubt gave the runners who ran shorter distances an advantage, but obviously not enough to skew the results. Pretty sure we'd have seen Sara and Dan at the top anyway.

Place Loopster M/F Distance Time Pace Converted Time
1 Yomif Kejelcha M 1 0:03:47 0:03:47 0:49:34
2 SIbbetson F 23.22 2:51:25 0:07:23 1:36:42
3 MinneDan  M 16 2:08:04 0:08:00 1:44:51
4 RunnerguyMark  M 15.51 2:07:58 0:08:15 1:48:05
5 MattW M 18.01 2:28:36 0:08:15 1:48:05
6 BAngle M 18 2:31:05 0:08:24 1:49:57
7 ThaGoldStandard M 6.2 0:53:03 0:08:33 1:52:05
8 DrWhiskers F 3.13 0:27:41 0:08:51 1:55:52
9 Dave M 13.11 1:56:48 0:08:55 1:56:43
10 MichaelV M 20 2:59:10 0:08:58 1:57:21
11 Slow_Running M 6.05 0:56:22 0:09:19 2:02:03
12 Unlikelyrunner F 13.13 2:14:44 0:10:16 2:14:26
13 Amarie2009 F 16 3:02:32 0:11:25 2:29:27
14 Bre Tiesi-Manziel* F 8.25 1:58:22 0:14:21 3:07:57

NavEng sent me a picture of snowshoe tracks in the snow. Good for 5 miles, which if you've ever tried to run in snowshoes you'll know is no easy workout regardless of the time. Sadly, I can't find the pic. Imagine.

eebtool had a strong entry into the best selfie category.

Image may contain: sky, tree, beard, outdoor, nature and closeup

jsoper had some uber peaceful shots of her route.


tinkbot didn't run a step, but wins in the photo category with this shamelessly cute tinkbot, jr.


Then there's the always imaginative ocrunnergirl. For the second year in a row the (I'm going to say it) exercise crazy has had "I" problems and hasn't been running. That would have stopped most of us from Snowbusting, but not ocrg. I can't even describe it other than to call it the ocrunnergirl Cray-Cray-Athlon. Go read it for yourself and shake your head along with me. This is why she's my favorite. 

Now, you may also note the listing for Bre Tiesi-Manziel, who recently garnered fame for first marrying Johnny Manziel, the former Texas A&M quarterback who could never translate his early success (freshman Heisman winner) into even a decent NFL (Cleveland) career. He's currently a free agent after spending the last two years in Canada (and getting banned from that league for violating his contract - no details). But back to Mrs. Manziel. She's apparently big on Instagram as a model and fitness poser. Last weekend, while the Loopsters were busting snow, Mrs. M was being exposed as a pikermi finisher/cheater at the Run Like A Diva half marathon in Temecula, Calif. a couple of weeks previously. Her 1:58:22 finish time wasn't crazy in itself, but her post-race pics and brag that she'd done it without any training brought some scrutiny and a quick look at her finish results showed missing splits from her racing chip. She and a fellow diva were at a 14:15 pace at the 6.4 timing mat, then ... nothing until the finish. Unless the two women were able to blaze at 4:00 minute pace for those last 6.7 miles. Anyway, they deserve some kind of award for being able to look this fresh after smoking 12 seconds faster than world record pace for almost 7 miles after a 6-1/21 mile warm up.


So, there you have it. The fifth annual Snowbuster Festival of Virtual Races. Around here, snow is melting and it's going to be 50 degrees on Sunday. Looks like it worked.


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thanks Dave.. still not running here, hope to try the knee out after next week, that will be 4 months of rehab

my snowbuster workout was indoors,
20min of water running in the dim chlorine-scented caverns of the local pool, then
20x intervals of 50yds, one per minute, averaging 36s.. 

tinkbot jr wins the internets for today, in my book.. cute ! 

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Mmm, so basically I only beat the cheater. That's discouraging. Next year maybe I should gut bust a mile so I can come in somewhere in the middle. (I won't actually do that). I do hate being slow(ish) sometimes. In my defense, I was doing a long run, not "racing". 

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18 hours ago, Carissa Liebowitz said:

I'm still waiting on the summer version of the Snowbuster. 

I don't know who has energy at the end of summer for that.

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