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What are you waiting for?



half But why? I think I was trying to give myself one last hoorah before I call it quits on long distance running (for a while). I also let it float into my mind that I shouldn’t be travelling so far to just  half


shin splints

So, to kick this JFR thing into full gear I need to pull the trigger on dropping down. (Some of you may be getting tired of reading about JFR, well… I’m getting tired of your FACE. J/K!) I know as soon as I do that, I’ll mentally feel much better and a big weight will be lifted. I like the 13.1 t-shirt better anyway!

NJ Shirt

I have enough black t-shirts. That blue though!

Oh, I do have a little ol’ trail race coming up that I signed up for because I was to have 20 miles on the training plan to run that weekend. I’m still doing it.


I’m running the 30K option. Moab, baby! March 23rd

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Enjoy Moab! I wish it was closer so I could do more of their races. They have great course support and just do a nice job overall. 

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When you feel like a weight has been lifted, I think that indicates you are making the best choice! 

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