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  • Tuesday - Sunny and 31. Took a chance that the walks would be clear enough. They were, for the most part. Did have to stop my out section a tad short and add on at the end to get the full six miles. Stopped at the rehab center where the Amazing Amanda has fixed me up a few times. The last time I was there was August, working on the knee. I don't know if they cared, but I thought it would be nice to drop in and say hi. Sadly, it appears that Tuesday is their early day and they were gone. But the receptionist remembered me and promised to pass along my best to the team. Maybe some other day that's not a Tuesday I'll try again. Between taking it easy and stepping over ice patches, it was a little slow. 8:53 average.
  • Wednesday - More snow. Stayed in and did the resistance bands and weights.User-uploaded Photo
  • Thursday - 39o! It's been a couple of weeks since it was that nice out.  Good enough for me. Only did 4 miles because we had plans for that night, and they were quick. 8:16 average, with the last one 7:43. Did I mention it wasn't freezing? This was also annual physical day. Most of the numbers looked good, except for the A1c (again). Still borderline, so have to get it drawn again later in the year. Should be in full marathon mode by then, which should help. The thought of cutting back on cookies and pie is not attractive.
  • Friday - A little chillier than Thursday, but still nice. 36o.  Averaged 8:15 again. The middle four were all at or under 8:00. I'm not actually feeling very strong about now, but the times don't lie. Gotta be those stairs.
  • Saturday - 10 miles. There were 12 on the plan, but since the previous week was supposed to be 33 - I ran, 5 - and last week was supposed to be 37 it seemed to make sense to take a couple off. Still feeling OK, but no need to push it. The first eight flew by pretty well, most miles in the mid-8's. The last two were tougher. My right ankle started feeling kind of weird - weak, sore, something - but I was able to hold on well enough. Didn't get started until 5:30 pm, making it dark for the final couple of miles. Haven't run in the dark for awhile. Good run. 26 for the week.
  • Sunday - Rest. 50 mph wind gusts. Good day to rest.
  • Monday - Six miles. Cold (28) and windy (20 mph). During the day at work the ankle was still off, made me worry something was going on. At the start of the run there was that, as well as a spot on the shin - stress fracture? - but they both went away and other than being tired for no real reason, so I guess not. Sort of slow. 8:53 average.
  • Tuesday -  Six more. Colder (20) but not as windy (6 mph). No trouble with the ankle. 8:31.

Next week start the official training plan for Vermont. Wanted to be at 40 miles by now, so I'll have to be careful about adding speed. Just one tempo run per week on Tuesdays will be my only speed. Maybe some more later, if things go well. 

And, don't forget, this weekend is the Snowbuster Race Festival. Supposed to be 2-3 more inches of snow that day, so maybe I'll go Friday.

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The sidewalks here are still so touch and go that my Sunday Runday club has started taking their runs to the nearby caves. Friday is supposed to be nice, but again, sidewalks so I'm not sure if I'll get an outdoor run in for the Snowbuster or not. Sunday it's a high of 12 and there won't be hardly any snow on the ground, so you know I'll absolutely refuse to run outside. 😂

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19 minutes ago, Carissa Liebowitz said:

Is it still a snowbuster if our high is 70°?

This is a collective effort, so yes.

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I'm probably out. Still dealing with lower abdomen/hip flexor pain when running. Sad face.

If I do run I'm flying to Atlanta....seriously 70*???

BTW Nice running!

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I'm going to try for 20, but they will be mostly easy. Will probably do them Saturday and then ironically it's supposed to snow on Sunday.

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