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I go to a local run club on occasion, however, I haven’t been in months. In fact, the last time I went was November 29th! Wowza! I hadn’t realized it’d been that long until I searched for the last one on Strava. I typically run alone unless I go to run club or if I get to runch with my gal pals at work on Fridays. I enjoy getting to share some run time with others and am grateful when it happens.


The Denver Milk Market and bRUNch Running have teamed up to host a fun brunch run the last Sunday of each month from the Milk Market. This MM is freakin’ awesome and has a bunch of different trendy restaurants to choose from. These are popping up all over the place here in Denver – I think this is the third or fourth one. Anywho, it’s free to run and you get a free drink coupon – basically you get vodka and get to choose what you have it with (Bloody Mary, screwdriver, mimosa, etc.). I’m assuming you could even get a shot if you wanted.

I went to said run yesterday, for the first time, and there was lots of people watching opportunities – lots of characters to take note of:

  • The mid-drift shirt in 30° weather and WAY too much makeup girls
  • The folks that felt the need to bring water bottles to run 5K
  • There’s always the ones that wear giant jackets and end up taking them off two minutes after they start running
  • Guy in the American flag SUPER short, sluttie slutties (shorts). He is actually a run club regular in my other group and wears that same outfit almost every time.
  • A handful of folks from my other run club!
  • The gal that almost ran me over with her double stroller (but, GO MOM!)

Nonetheless, all of these characters were out there running and enjoying the beautiful, brisk morning! It was a bit chilly but warmed up within the first half mile. While slow going, it was great to chat with my friends – married couple, Ashley and Tim, and Jess. I had classes with Jess at CU Denver and we’ve been friends since – we actually both work on campus now and she was also in the military. She also just started coming to spin class as the wellness center on Wednesdays! Ashley was my first friend here, who my BFF Erin introduced me to – they grew up together. Ashley and Jess also know each other from school so we’re all familiar!


Love these gals! (Jess, Ashley, and myself) Behind us is the Moo Bar:)

I ordered some OJ to go with my vodka, and also got some chicken and waffles. It was outstanding! The MM is just the coolest and I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area. I plan to try to go to this run each month!


Of course there’s a picture. I’m not a dick. Or maybe I am – for showing this deliciousness to you but not being able to offer you any…

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I have a friend and he’s the American Flag short shorts in my old town. Luckily,  there was never any wardrobe malfunction to which I bared witness to. 

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I'm fairly certain at my gym I'm the "sticks her butt up in the air to untie her shoes" woman, but I'm really just trying to stretch my hamstrings while untying my shoes. Always double-tasking LOL

bRUNch sounds like SO much fun! I wish KC had something like that! 

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