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Grinding it Out



Hello again. I know, I just blooped. But hey, why not. Remember when there used to be twenty new bloops a day? You'd put one up and it would be off the front page in a matter of hours? Well, I just felt like writing again, so here I am.

I'm tired and I feel old. Just finished a nine mile run with 4x1 mile intervals and plenty of rest in between. I was by myself running along the beach. It's a run I have done often before. Normally I run the speedy miles in the 6:40-6:55 range. Well, normally meaning in prior years. Today, with my slower recent speed times, I was just hoping to be close to 7:00, maybe 7:15. Well apparently even that was out of reach. :(

After 1.3 miles of warmup, I tried to get my ass in gear, but I found myself at 7:17 pace and dying after 1/4 mile. Ugh. I had to pull back a little just to keep going. Pace dropped and dropped. After 3/4 it was 7:35. I pushed hard the last 1/4 just to get it down to 7:30. Phew. Trotted for 3/4 miles and stopped for water.

OK, lets's do another one. It felt a little easier, as it often does once I'm warmed up. Still 7:25 pace felt like as fast as I could go. What the hell? Just no zip in the legs. I feel like my stride may be shorter since I'm tighter and sore. Of course all the miles I'm doing is a good excuse too. I got in a decent groove and pushed the second half and managed a 7:21. OK, well, better...

I took a whole mile trot to recover (8:40), plus a stop break in the middle. The third one was OK, and I got to 7:19. But I was tired.

I spent the next 3/4 mile debating whether I should just skip the 4th. But I figured I had to get home anyway. Might as well work hard and get it over with quicker. 7:40 pace felt pretty hard, but I worked it down to a 7:27 by the end. Best I could do. Damn. I used to do 7:30s for miles at a time - not that long ago. Oh well. I trotted home.

Part of it's getting older. Part is I'm working back into shape and tired from all the miles. Perhaps my bum knee is limiting my form. Maybe some speed will come back. But I'm trying to accept the idea that it's a downhill curve from here. I'm watching my older club mates slow down so I can see my future. Of course they all still kick ass in their age group, and I'm not giving up. Just venting a bit. Still happy to get the nine miles in.

Carry on.

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When was the last time you did intervals shorter than 1K? I find being flat can feel a lot like exhaustion and weariness. 

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Hang in there. We all go through slumps, plus increased mileage can wear on you. 6 weeks of consistent training can do wonders for you. And no, you are not that old yet.

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3 hours ago, Stephen said:

When was the last time you did intervals shorter than 1K? I find being flat can feel a lot like exhaustion and weariness. 

I did some quarters under 6:00 pace last month on a day I ran two sub 7 miles, so I guess I'm just tired.

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Look at the longer term trend before you decide you're a has-been. And when that day comes, at least you've still got all your hair.

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If I remember correctly, you've had phenomenal training cycles in the past and then had a crap race. So I'm taking this as an early sign that you are going to have an AMAZING run come race day.

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I’ve often wondered about the shortened gait thing. Maybe some yoga? 

You are still plenty fast compared to the rest of us.

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