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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results



marathonyou can do it this time.

I'm over stressing week after week that I'm not hitting the numbers. I'm over worrying about whether or not I'm going to get so far behind that I could injure myself if I keep going. I'm over trying to hold this standard over myself week after week. I guess it's just not for me - or at least right now.

So, I'm still running the NJ 26.2, but I'm going to get there by doing what I can with the time I have left. After that, I'm done with marathons and anything beyond. Until I can get my shit together, I'm just going to run, workout, and run shorter races. I still have my goal of one race each month, and I plan to do that.

This isn't a pity party. This is trying to enjoy what I love doing without stressing out about it anymore. 

I'll write when I feel like it.

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I can so relate to this! I promised myself when I signed up for Phoenix that I wouldn't bail on a single run and I didn't but the struggle on the long runs was tough. Yesterday I did 8 x 400s fast on the elliptical with lifting in between ( a Crossfit inspired workout) and there was no struggle at all.

Do what you love and don't beat yourself up.

See you in NJ

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21 minutes ago, CompulsiveRunner said:

Marathon training always brings anxiety into my life. I can never stop thinking about how far do I need to run this week and what kind of speedwork do I have to do and what else is on the calendar and what's the weather going to be like and where am I doing my long one and what time do I have to get up and shit I hate carrying water and how am I going to fit 3+ hours of running into the weekend and am I going to hurt myself and and and and …. GAH. I like the training, but hate the obsession …  I hope you will give yourself permission to enjoy your workouts, no matter what they're geared toward. 


YES! I know it's not supposed to be easy but it's not supposed to be this hard. I know I'll likely run more marathons, but now is not the time. I hope to see you soon and I hope you are doing well!

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17 minutes ago, RonSwansonsStache said:

Yo, I feel your struggle. I was feeling the same about doing the full pig in May. I saw the schedule and started getting anxious about a plan I hadn’t even started. Why? Cause probably it’s natural to do so. But here’s my question that settled it for me- shouldn’t  running conform to my life?  Why am I spending so much physical and mental energy trying to fit in this very narrow, specific timeline? And for what? What do I gain by blindly trying to check every box and dot every i if this generic training plan? Injury? Overtraining? Self hate? Run what you want and what feels right to you. I don’t give an eff if you ever run another 26.2, you’re still cool no matter what Sweet Mags says.

YAS! So many questions. Sweet Mags can say what she wants about me. I'm immune to the kitty shit talking ;) I just see it as sweetness. xoxo Mags

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"My husband and I were talking about Diana Nyad. She swam from Cuba to Florida; a 1,000 miles; open water; without a shark cage. He said, 'Oh, man, I could never do that!'”

"I said, 'Yes, you could!'

"'Maria, she was an Olympic swimmer! She attempted five times! She almost died twice! I’m not a good swimmer! ... I also really don’t want to do it.' "

Many times, I really don't want to do it.


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Good mentality. If you’re not enjoying it and it’s causing anxiety/stress then what’s the point? Doing marathons isn’t objectively better than any other distance, some people are just snobs and have over-glorified the distance. Run what you want the way you want and enjoy life. 

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