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Never Too Late for a Turkey Trot Report



I ran 2,500 miles last year and only raced once, in March. Okay, well I did a Turkey Trot too, but it was with no bibs or chips, just a timer.

I think I was top 5 though. I started 15 or so feet from the line and had to work my way through the crowd as I gained speed. About 100 yards in I had to dodge a little kid (8yr old?) who had sprinted and was now bent over with his hands on his knees huffing and puffing. With 3 more miles to go he was in for a long morning. I continued passing crowds until about half a mile into it and then found folks running around my pace. First mile was a 6:43. Some downhill and extra effort had me passing a few more folks. A younger, college guy started pacing with me and we traded spots some. Some friends of his cheered him as we went by. Some uphll before hitting mile 2 caused him to drop back slightly, but he was on my heels and stayed there on the next downhill into mile 3. Mile 2 was a 6:33. A flat greenway took us back to the finish. I used to mile repeats here when I lived closer to it. I got into that zone and though maybe a sub 20 was possible, but just ran.

College guy couldn't keep up. I had seen what I thought was the lead guy not too far out, though I knew I wasn't going to catch him nor the 3 or so folks between us. I crossed the line and I think the clock said 19:something, but my watch read 20:04. I figured the clock was not quite right because I didn't start my watch until I crossed the start line, a few seconds after the go gun. There were no awards or anything after, just water and snacks. My son and a nephew crossed a couple of minutes later. I then jogged back onto the course and caught up with my daughters, nieces and sister-in-law who were in fast dog-walking mode. A good day!

I signed up for the local Charlotte marathon which is in November. I haven't had much motivation to start any kind of training yet. However, I have running buddy Tim who is training for Boston, so by default I'm somewhat training for a marthon. My marathon last March got me a BQ, but I was *only* four minutes and 10 seconds under my age requirement. The cutoff was 4:52 under. Oh well, I wasn't dying to go and mainly applied just because of RB signing up.

Tim has high hopes and aspirations for Boston. And so far his training is going well. He wants to possibly place in the top 3 for his age group, which at Boston, ain't easy no matter what your age. He is 63 and needs a low or just under 3 hour finish to do that. So, damn!

Yesterday (Sunday), he had 18 miles with 10 @ marathon pace (suggested target = 6:50) and wanted me to join. I do not have that speed or endurance, but agreed to start with him and fade accordingly. I did cut back the warm up miles to 5ish though. He didn't. I had mapped out a mostly flat and somewhat downhill 10 miles for the fast miles. That worked out well, but the wind yesterday morning managed to situate itself to be in our faces on all of the uphills.

I fell behind as predicted after about 2 miles. I stayed pretty close though through mile 5, then he stayed stronger as I faded a bit more. My goal became to keep the overall under 7 minute pace. My slowest was 7:12, but I finished with a 6:57 average. The last two miles were a gentle downhill plus a tailwind. that helped me keep it under. RB Tim held on for a 6:47 overall! He is inspiring me and this run with him gave me a bit of a confidence boost to work a bit harder and maybe get more motivated.


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I just got the NYC Marathon record book in the mail on Saturday and realized I needed to be in the 60-64 year old category to get an AG placing with the time I ran. 

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I'm guessing your wife made those fun hats. Happy to see you beat College Guy. Some day you will be the 63 year old who's motivating a younger RB. 

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