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Starting to Get Cold

Apple Pie


Winter took a long time to come to Connecticut. It’s now here. Temps are winter-ish but there’s been no snow really, although the forecast is 8-12” tomorrow. I love snow so I’m pumped to finally get some white stuff. The whole family is going snow shoeing tomorrow!

As much as I like snow, it makes the runs a little more difficult. I generally run on the treadmill early in the morning during the week, and run outside on the weekends. Last Saturday I ran what I would consider my first cold long run of the season - 8 miles in about 22 degrees / feels like 12 degrees. My overall pace was 10:15/mile. Considering that it was my longest run in 15 months, I was pretty content with the effort & results. My hands (even with gloves) and face were freezing for the first mile and a half, but then started to warm up. In the end, I chose the right clothing because I didn’t think about the temperature for the rest of my run. 👍

I got two runs in during the week, 4 miles and 5 miles. I was bummed I didn’t get a third one in, but when I look back at it now I see it was a week. I had to go to NYC (about 3 hour trip by car/train) on Monday & Wednesday for work, and I met my mom for breakfast before work on Friday. So that left only 2 mornings available for running. I suppose I could run at night, but I’m beat when I get home, and by the time we eat dinner, hang with the kiddies for a little bit, then put the two younger ones to bed, it seems like it’s 9:00pm already. I’ll stick with the morning runs. 

This morning my homemade training plan for NJ Half had me running 8.5 miles. When I checked the weather last night it was supposed to be mid20s with a feels like in the low teens.  Basically the same as last week, so why not wear the same thing? Well because after I got dressed this morning, I checked the actual temp and it was 24 / feels like 22. 🤔 I took off one mid layer and was out the door.

As I was driving to where I picked to run, I was enjoying the music on the radio. Oh crap, I forgot the shuffle for music on my run. I wasn’t far from home so I turned around and got it. I sometimes run without tunes on short runs, but I like music on longer runs. During today’s run, I was happy I went back for it.

I ran in East Hartland, a little teeny tiny town about 10 minutes drive from my house. I parked at the only restaurant there and ran two 4.25 mile loops on roads through mostly forest with occasional houses. I haven’t run there in a couple years so I didn’t remember it being as hilly as it was. I checked the elevation on map my run last night but I’m not that good with determining how hilly a route is unless it’s pancake flat or crazy mountainous. Oh well, there was a little walking on the bigger uphills. It was a nice loop, even with the ups & downs. Today’s pace (10:56/ mile) was not surprisingly slower than the previous week’s run on a super flat rail trail. I’m still getting back into running longer and focusing on getting the miles in. Pace will come down as I continue. 

That’s pretty much it from here. Hope you’re enjoying your runs as much I am going to enjoy tomorrow’s snow! 😁🤙


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Nice job getting in the miles. I definitely miss winter down here, but it is nice only needing one layer to run. 

I was in Lake Placid over the weekend, saw people running in a feels like temp of -35F. Stopped in the LRS and the owner said -40F is his cutoff. Treadmills must not be a thing up there. 

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