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And done.




The aftermath of the lost tablet has me up this morning. In the last couple of years I've developed a habit of waking up from disturbing dreams and then not being able to get back to sleep. Not often, maybe once a month or two. This morning (in the dream) I kept trying to change this one password and the website wasn't letting me. This actually happened several times this week. Some sites make it really hard to change a password. Anyway, since it was after 5:00, I figured I'd just get up anyway. Plenty to do. I did finish getting through the last of the password resets last night, so that's worth celebrating.

This has been a good week of running, although in keeping with the new, gentler running Dave, I skipped Monday and Tuesday. It was warm for January but raining. Not a fan of cold rain. So I just didn't run.

The legs must have enjoyed the extra days off. Came back on Wednesday and Thursday (both at 25 degrees, but the sun was out) and ran some good miles. Wednesday my pace was 8:12-20 for miles 2-4. On Thursday, I added an extra mile (5) to the usual, and ran 7:50, 8:06, 8:15 and 8:10 after warming up. All this without feeling like I was pushing. According to Garmin my cadence has increased from 170-ish to 175 in the past month. Don't know how significant that is, but I believe it's an improvement in running economy. We'll see what happens when I start to extend the runs this spring. Was really tired yesterday. Almost took a nap instead of running.

Wrote up a little training plan for a spring marathon. I started with my basic Hansons plan, but switched Monday and Tuesday. Monday was tempo day, with intervals on Wednesday. For this cycle I'm eschewing intervals for a more relaxed approach, so Tempo Tuesday is back for 2019. The other days are all easy/moderate running depending on how I feel that day. I may go harder on Thursday or do some fartleks. Long runs will be easy as well. In the plan, assuming I'm doing Vermont at the end of May, my pikermi fitness test falls on April 13. This requires an adjustment because that's the wedding day. The week after is Easter and there are no half marathons anywhere in the country that I could find. Certainly none in my neighborhood, so I may stay home and do a solo. Anyone up for a virtual race Easter weekend?

There was my week.

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Always up for a virtual race.

Is apple pie the appropriate food for a password switching celebration? If so, I’m there! 🤣 

I tend to skip runs in the cold rain too. But refreshing rains on hot summer days, now that’s totally different. 

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100%. To be honest, I still feel a little guilty about skipping those runs. But I'm working on it.

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