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And done.



The aftermath of the lost tablet has me up this morning. In the last couple of years I've developed a habit of waking up from disturbing dreams and then not being able to get back to sleep. Not often, maybe once a month or two. This morning (in the dream) I kept trying to change this one password and the website wasn't letting me. This actually happened several times this week. Some sites make it really hard to change a password. Anyway, since it was after 5:00, I figured I'd just get up anyway. Plenty to do. I did finish getting through the last of the password resets last night, so that's worth celebrating.

This has been a good week of running, although in keeping with the new, gentler running Dave, I skipped Monday and Tuesday. It was warm for January but raining. Not a fan of cold rain. So I just didn't run.



There was my week.

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Always up for a virtual race.

Is apple pie the appropriate food for a password switching celebration? If so, I’m there! 🤣 

I tend to skip runs in the cold rain too. But refreshing rains on hot summer days, now that’s totally different. 

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100%. To be honest, I still feel a little guilty about skipping those runs. But I'm working on it.

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