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Giving this a try.




I'm giving this a try. I'm not running as much as I used to run. I no longer consider myself a "runner." I run when time allows and I feel like running. I try to run one "longish" run per week. I do not enter races anymore and I don't follow a training plan. There's much more to my life than running now. I stopped "blooping" a while back because all I do is run when I'm running. Most of the things that happen when I run are forgotten by the time I stop running. I'm going to try to post something once in a while on this site to see if I can get back into the swing of remembering anything that happens on my run. Wish me luck.


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I remember all your posts as I was just starting to get acquainted with the loop 3 years ago. You were streaking back then in both running and blooping. It sounds like running is still part of your life so of course you are a runner.

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Keep the shoes close by just in case you get the urge and the new loop password on hand of just to click on ๐Ÿ‘

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